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    Posted on July 7th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using .X. Fast Path To Cash Warrior Special Offer!

    This is a review of Zac Johnson’s Flip This Web Site product if you are looking for his official site CLICK HERE!

    Zac Johnson’s Flip This Web Site Review

    Zac Johnson is releasing his book called Flip This Web Site and for the first 48 hours only he doing a HUGE fire sale of 50% off!  Now at the moment there is about a little less than 24 hours left to his sale so I wanted to get my review out before it was over.

    “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff.” – Will Rogers



    Zac Johnson's Flip This Web Site Review Warrior Forum

    Flip This Web Site is essentially a COMPLETE GUIDE on how to get started in making money by buying and selling websites.  What many people fail to understand is that domains are basically virtual real estate.  The reason real estate is so valuable is that as Will Rogers said they are not making any more of it, and just like a good piece of land once it is gone it is gone.

    So if you can find a good domain name or brand one and start bring traffic to it then you stand a very good chance of being able to turn a nice profit on it.  However unlike real estate you don’t need to get a funding from a bank to buy a good domain or even buying a domain in general and then bringing in traffic to it.

    This is nice for 2 reasons in my opininon:

    1.  It doesn’t cost much to get started.

    2.  If you buy a domain and you end up not being able to either make money with it or for some reason you are not able to flip it, your pretty much out of $8 and some of the time you spent working on it.  Not too bad in my opinion because even if your out $8 and a bit of your time you still will have most likely learned something from it all and the next time around you will be able to avoid making those same mistakes.

    Trust me when I first got started in internet marketing I made a ton of mistakes when it came too selecting a good domain, products to promote, etc.

    The beauty is you learn from those mistakes and become a better entrepreneur and internet marketer because of them.

    Not only will you learn how to buy and flip domains but you will also learn how to find an online business that fits within your budget and better yet your interest all without once again having to go to your bank for a loan or beg a rich family member or friend for money to invest in it.

    Many times all you will need to do is make a few minor changes to the business and you can increase the sites profits substantially.

    However what is nice about having a guide like Flip This Web Site is you will learn how to BUY and SELL websites with little to no risk at all.  He will show you the process of buying and selling a domain from the start to finish.  That includes how to outsource right down to how to put together a successful and profitable auction listing and whole lot more!

    Here is what you will get when you purchase Zac Johnson’s Flip This Web Site:

    Flip This Web Site offers over 140 pages of pure content and case studies of how you can start flipping web sites today!

    Chapter 1: Immediate Warning Signs of a Bad Web Site Listing

    Chapter 2: What is Flippa and Why You Need to Use It Now!

    Chapter 3: Buying & Selling Sites: What Makes a Site Sell!

    Chapter 4: Create, Flip, Profit… then Repeat!

    Chapter 5: Promoting and Outsourcing Your Sites

    Chapter 6: 3 Action Plans for Continued Success

    Video Series: Six Videos Walking You Through the Process

    Mini Niche Web Site Guide: How to Create Killer Mini Sites

    BloggingTips Story: The Before, During & After Process of a Big Sale

    Extra Bonuses: Interviews, Case Studies, Resources & More!

    A Limited BONUS! The first 100 users to grab a copy of Zac Johnson’s Flip This Web Site product will also receive 10 free credits towards their Flippa account!

    Bottom line Zac Johnson is the real deal when it comes to making money online and he continues to amaze me with all the ways he is able to make that money.  So I highly recommend that anyone wanting to either earn money for the first time online  or even those like me who are earning money but would like to both increase their income as well as add another stream to their income get Zac Johnon’s Flip This Web Site product!


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