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  • WP Social Send Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on October 25th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    WP Social Send Warrior Special Offer Review

    WP Social Send WSO Review

    A few weeks ago there was a Warrior Special Offer that came out that I absolutely loved and I still think is AMAZING called Fast Attack Locker and I immediately bought this plugin and started using it right away.  The reason I loved it was because it allowed you to practically force those that visited your site to either Google Plus 1 or Tweet about your website and it was just updated to include the option of having them also Facebook Like your website as well.

    Here is how this would work and I assure you that by the time you get done reading this you will see why this applies to the WP Social Send Warrior Special Offer Review.  Basically someone has a problem and they search the internet for a solution and then they come across your website and you then have something interesting posted and just when they are about to get to the good part of your article it says something along the lines of:  To find out how whatever it is your solving or to download a FREE ebook on how to once again whatever you are solving simple click on the Tweet Me, Google Plus 1, or Facebook Like Button and the solution you are looking for will be immediately revealed!

    Obviously someone who is wanting to find the solution then clicks on one of the above mentioned buttons and then their friends and family are now made aware of your site and needless to say it opened up a whole new way of easily making your website go viral and improve your search engine rankings.

    Now here is how this ties in with the WP Social Send WSO, YOU GET THE Fast Attack Locker as a FREE BONUS for purchasing this product and guess what the Fast Attack Locker WP Plugin sales for about the same price as this Warrior Special Offer which means you are getting at least TWO products for the price of ONE and trust me they are both worth WAY MORE than what is being charged.

    Here is why you need both of these plugins:

    1.  Social Media is increasingly become very important due to the fact that Google will take notice to your website being shared and talked about which means you are way more likely to increase your SEO, not to mention you are also not only using just Facebook but Google’s very own Google Plus 1 feature!

    2.  All it takes is for this to work one time and go VIRAL and you will earn your money back and then some.

    3.  You are going to get a major edge on your competion because of the fact that a site visitor is much more likely to either SHARE you on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus than they would be to just simple FB Like your post or Google Plus 1 it alone.  Not only that but you can also now utilize one of Facebooks NEWEST Features and significantly increase your chances of someone noticing your site and passing it on to their Family and Friends or anyone else that may have interest in whatever topic or niche your site or post is about.

    Why I like the WP Social Send WSO option even more than the Fast Attack Locker WSO not to mention you can have them both is that it allows someone to share your site privately here is an EXAMPLE of how both of these plugins can be used:

    EXAMPLE 1.

    Someone has a Weight Problem and they are embarassed about it, so they go searching for something along the lines of “how can I lose weight fast” they then come across your website and see a post about how to burn 500 extra calories a day!  But they can’t access it until they use the WP Social Send Button which is nice because they don’t really want to share with all of their friends on Facebook that they are having Weight Issues however their best friend has been talking to him or her about wanting to join a gym and lose weight together so instantly he or she then shares your website/post with them and obviously you are well on your way to going viral.

    EXAMPLE 2.

    Alright say somone is having some money problems and is searching for ways to make extra money and they come across your site on how to make money from home and you are offering an ebook on 10 Ways To Make Extra Money From Home, but to access it they must either Google Plus 1, Tweet about it, or Facebook Like it and keep in mind you can choose for them to have the option of using all them or just 1.

    So needless to say they then decide to Facebook Like your site and get Instant Access to your ebook which you should wisely have some affiliate or CPA links in it as well as a way for them to click on a link to sign up to your mailing list.  Now say they have 282 Facebook Friend and 5 of those friends are having some money problems of their own or they are wanting to make some extra money for the holidays etc. so they go to your site and then share it with their friends and quite possibly some mutual friend who had seen the FB Like to your site the first time and didn’t click on the link but after seeing more SOCIAL PROOF that some of their other friends also FB Liked your site they decided to see what is up and check it out as well and needless to say you are well on your way to going VIRAL!  All because you utilized the power of social media very easily with these two AMAZING PLUGINS.

    So I hope you are now able to see why you need a plugin like the WP Social Send Warrior Special Offer and how easily something like this can make you a TON of money online.

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