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  • WP Simplicity Review

    Posted on April 22nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    WP Simplicity Review

    WP Simplicity is one of the VERY BEST WordPress plugins that has been sold in a long time.  Honestly this is one of the very best investments you can make as an internet marketer if you use wordpress for your blogs.

    The most impressive benefit of this plugin is that it allows you to save time when creating blogs and also managing your existing WordPress sites. Once your blog is done you are going to notice that you are getting good quality traffic, even with very little backlinks to your site. The WP Simplicity plugin get’s content from the top articles directories, products to promote from Clickbank, Ebay and Amazon, all of which will can easily added to your blog without you having to leave the admin area of your blog.

    You are going to be able to get  fresh quality content from articles, videos, images, Clickbank products, Amazon products and Ebay auctions always available to update your blog, this will make it easier for you to rank higher on the popular search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. This means that these top search engines will recognize your content as unique, so you are more likely to get ranked in the top ten of the major search engines.

    So basically all you have to do if you were wanting to update your blog is go to your “add post” area and create a post within minutes by just typing your relevant keywords in the plugin search bar and WP Simplicity will perform its magic. It will then search for new articles, Clickbank products, Amazon products, eBay auctions and YouTube videos for you to add to your posts.

    As most internet marketers will tell you, this is really a numbers game. This means that when you have a lot of posts with good quality content, then you are going to increase your chances of getting a good position on Google searches for your niche.

    Keep in mind that if you have a lot of content and it is not unique, then you are more likely to send red flags to Google and the other major search engines, that often times can hurt your site ranking.

    Always remember that making money online is a lot more than just getting traffic to your site, because it’s important to have targeted quality traffic that will convert more easily into sales. The WP Simplicity plugin allows you to get this kind of traffic to your site.

    The WP Simplicity plugin comes with more than 140 preloaded plugins and you can select the ones you activate with one click without having to go through the process ofinstalling them separately. Anyone who has set up WordPress websites, then you know that this process can be time consuming. This AMAZING plugin allows you to install all of your favorite plugins within a matter of several seconds.

    The best thing about using this tool is that even if your preferred plugins are not among the pre-loaded, there is already a provision to add all and install at once. This plugin works together with most of the premium plugins.

    Here is a list of some of the features of the WP Simplicity plugin:

    • Easy single click installation and activation of over 140 highly rated and most popular plugins
    • Single click setup of permalinks that are search engine friendly to help with onpage optimization
    • Easily incorporate your favorite plugins within seconds
    • Set up pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and Sitemap automatically with all the content set up for you
    • Can get highly targeted keyword rich articles that will help you update your website easily and quickly.
    • Can create video posts easily in seconds.
    • Promote products from Clickbank easily without even leaving your website. Select products by completely different criteria including popularity, keyword relevance and gravity.
    • Promote your Amazon products and never have to leave your admin area. Just enter the keyword and then select the products that you would like to promote on your website.
    • The plugin also generate eBay affiliate auctions. You only need to have an eBay ID number in order to start promoting products.
    • Can quickly set up one-time affiliate links, this means that whenever you are promoting any products from sites such as EBay, Amazon or Clickbank, you don’t have to be concerned about losing on commissions. Virtually all the products will be populated and preloaded with your affiliate links.
    • One click activation and installation of more than 140 pre-loaded plugins which are the most popular and highly rated ones nowadays.
    • Users can easily add their own preferred WordPress plugin which are not pre-loaded in a few seconds.
    • Automatically organize and configure basic pages with content including about us, privacy policy, contact us and sitemap.
    • One-click automated setup of pre-programmed permalinks that are search engine friendly for the purpose of search engine optimization as well as pre-configures the sidebar settings.
    • Users have total control over the content that is posted on blogs. This means that they can decide, manage, plan or edit the content and layout of the blog in order to improve position on the search engines and site ranking.
    • Create videos for targeted keyword and upload this to post from site such as YouTube. The video will have a title and description based on the chosen keywords.
    • You can promote products easily from Clickbank and allow you to earn affiliate commissions. With this plugin, it’s easy to enhance the post by marketing Clickbank products relevant to the blog niche with a Clickbank ID.
    • It is now easy to earn from targeted auction products on Ebay. The plugin features can allow users to add auction items and generate money, as long as they have an eBay affiliate ID.
    • Earn commissions from promoting Amazon products. It is possible to create a lot of post with products from Amazon based on targeted keyword and get to earn commission for sales made from referrals.
    • There is no need to be concerned about copyright problems. WP Simplicity gets content from API programs, in which the publishers allow internet users to republish their contents.
    • Set up affiliate links one time for product from EBay, Clickbank and Amazon. The affiliate links are included in the products link so whenever someone clicks the links and buy a product, then users can earn a commission.
    • Add maps to any posts when needed. This plugin make provision for users to embed directions on the posts.
    • This plugin is easy and quick to install, even by persons who are not considered technical experts.
    • With an automated backend that is user-friendly and easy to manage, there is no need to wait around to gain access to a user guide. It will be easy to start configuring as well as setting up blogs instantly once the plugin is installed.

    So definitely check WP Simplicity out if you have not done so already because I have no doubt that most internet marketers are going to love it!


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