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  • Virus Plus One Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 17th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Virus Plus One Plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    Virus Plus One plugin Warrior Special Offer Review

    There is a lot of buzz going around the internet about Google Plus and Google Plus 1 as it is growing in size and will most likely replace Facebook in the next year or 2 as the place to be when it comes to Social Media.  Not only that but it is going to change the way internet marketers go about their marketing efforts!

    So it is always wise to be a bit ahead of the curve and make adjustments early on.  Well it is certainily very wise to include Google Plus One as a part of your website as a matter of fact you will probably already notice that a lot of the BIG sites are already doing this which say quite a bit about how powerful this is and how powerful it is going to be.

    It also means you need to get to utilizing this in your favor as well!  That is where the Viral Plus One Plugin Warrior Special Offer comes in.  It is pretty amazing and you will actually be seeing it here on this website and my others very soon.

    Now if you are wondering as to why you should get the Viral Plus One plugin WSO over some other Google Plus plugin then here is why, it has features that these other plugins just don’t have and on top of that it is just as affordable.

    Most of the Google Plus plugins out there only allow your site visitors to click the Plus 1 button if they choose too.  However this plugin can actually make the visitors click the button if they want to access certain content.  Now imagine the potential that alone has on making your site go viral.

    Then you can factor in that you can make the Plus 1 come in as a Slide Up or Slide Down where you can leave a message encouraging them to Plus 1 your site this really has a lot of potential and it is only going to get bigger as people begin to utilize the Plus 1 more often.

    Here is what is included in the Members area of the Virus Plus One Warrior Special Offer:

    A Viral Plus One plugin zipped file:

    A Viral Plus One User Manual

    Tutorial Videos:

    Video 1: How to install the plugin
    Video 2: Module 1 – How to insert +1 button within your post content
    Video 3: Module 2 – How to use the content locker to lock your content
    Video 4: Module 3 – How to setup and start using the Popup & Slidedown

    Bonus Reports:

    Bonus # 1: How To Set Up Your Google+1 Account   – This is a 10 Page PDF Ebook

    Bonus # 2: Google+ Mastery    –  This is a 62 Page PDF Ebook.  I think the title is pretty much self explanatory.

    Bottom line at some point in time you are going to have to start utilizing Google Plus and Google Plus 1 in the very near future so you might as well start doing it now and it is even better because there are still several internet marketers who are not doing this at the moment and it will give you an edge on them and since you are going to have to do this at some point in time, you might as well do it now and start using the Viral Plus One plugin Warrior Special Offer which is far better than most other Plus One plugins that I have seen!  As I said I will be using this myself.

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