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  • Viral Traffic Sniper Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 21st, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of the Viral Traffic Sniper Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Viral Traffic Sniper Warrior Special Offer Review

    Viral Traffic Sniper WSO Review

    One of the most creative ways to make money a year or two ago was finding a good CPA offer on something such as Colon Cleansing ( I kid you not this converted very well) then you would go and find a person who had a Youtube video that had THOUSANDS of views and then you would approach them with a low number to rent out their video so that you could put your affiliate or CPA link in it.  You would also offer to buy it for a certain price and much higher than whatever the number you offered was for renting the video.

    A lot of times the owner of the Youtube video would just agree to sell the video to you and you would be able to start generating a fairly nice income from your offers.  Well eventually as with most concepts such as that it got a bit diluted and while it will still work it isn’t nearly as effective as it was when the concept was first introduced.

    Well now there is a even sneakier way of doing this and it is totally legal!  It is called Viral Traffic Sniper and it literally has a TON of potential to make money for you in a number of ways.  Essentially what this does is it gives you the ability to insert your affiliate link in someone elses video when you Share it say on Facebook with your friends.  Obviously if your friends then share it with their friends and then they share it with theirs you have a very good chance of making the video go viral and making a lot of money just by sharing a video that you didn’t even make!

    So that alone should tell you that the Viral Traffic Sniper Warrior Special Offer is well worth getting!  Think about it like this you can take a popular song and then find a CPA offer for ringtones or something along those lines put on your Facebook page something like “I LOVE this song it is so addicting!” then of course your friends then are going to check it out and what appears to be within the video is something along the lines of:

    To get a FREE Ringtone check out – YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

    Are you getting the idea of how easy this is to make money with?  You could create a Facebook fanpage on say Guitars and then put up video’s of some of your favorite guitar video’s and then have affiliate links to a Clickbank product such as Jamorama or to a particular brand of guitar on Amazon the potential is enormous and this is just one way of making this thing go viral.

    You can also email out the video to one of your friends and then of course they mail it on to their friends etc. and you now have a Viral Money Maker!  So definitely get the Viral Traffic Sniper Warrior Special Offer because this has so much potential to make you a TON of money!

    By the way if you decide to start a Guitar Facebook Fanpage try using this video it is Andy McKee and he is one of the best guitar players I have ever seen.  He plays both percussion and the guitar at the same time so if you were to close your eyes when you listened to this song you would think TWO people were playing!  Now imagine even just sharing this video with one of your friends through email, it is very likely they would also pass it on and they would pass it on as well and you could have your affiliate link being shown to quite possibly thousands of potential buyers!

    Here is Andy McKee playin Drifting:

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