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    Posted on June 8th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Vince Severson’s Article Marketing Robot if you are wanting to go to the OFFICIAL Article Marketing Robot site CLICK HERE

    What is Article Marketing Robot?

    Article Marketing Robot is a high quality piece of software that will totally automate your article marketing and link building process by submitting your article to over 3000+ article directories in minutes. This software is by far the BEST when it comes to directory submitting etc.

    Features of Article Marketing Robot

    1. Account Creation Automation

    This feature is one of the things I love best about Article Marketing Robot allows you to sign up to more than 3,000 quality article directories with a single push of a button.  Now if you have used other article marketing bots you are going to know about how much it SUCKS to have to sign up for each and every article directory which can take hours.  So this feature alone is going to save you literally hours of work. You are going to want to use an email address with one of your sites such as etc. instead of using something like Gmail etc. because a lot of the directories will not accept free email accounts.

    2. Confirmation Automation

    Once AMR finish signing up on all the article directories, then all you have to do is press the confirm button which will automatically confirm all the confirmation emails.  Yeah pretty cool!

    3. Article Spinner

    Article Marketing Robot has built in article spinner that is able to convert one article into several unique articles. It saves some thesauruses locally and other on the AMR server. This feature alone will pretty much pay for your Article Marketing Robot itself as you want have to buy a spinner software since this has one built right in.

    4. Article Submission Automation

    You just need to select the directories you want to submit and press the submit button. You have no need to do anything else because it will submit your spun article to all the directories on autopilot.

    Some Additional Features:

    • Automatic Captcha Solving – You will never need to write those squiggly lines of text
    • Scheduled Article Submission – You can set the time frame after which AMR will submit no of articles you select. You can select like submit 5 articles every 24 hours or 20 articles every on hour.
    • Quality Article Directories – AMR have PR0 to PR6 article directories
    • Autoblogging – You can submit articles to your own blogs also on auto pilot
    • Ultra-Fast Multi-Threading – You can sign up and submit to 100′s of directories in minutes
    • Quality Technical Support – I myself faced an issue with AMR but it was resolved in 2 hours after my complain

    Article Marketing Robot will save you both time and money in getting your site ranked for just about any keyword. As well as help drive in TONS of TARGETED TRAFFIC to your websites.  So I highly recommend checking this product out. Something else that I like about this product is that they will let you TEST IT OUT for FREE which shows just how good the Article Marketing Robot software is because most internet marketers are going to love it once they try it.

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