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  • Traffic Anarchy Review

    Posted on September 23rd, 2010 Tim No comments

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    Stephen Lee Jones is releasing a software called Traffic Anarchy that he says generated $104,029.05 for him in just 2 weeks. So needless to say it peaked my interest. I was able to get a take a look in the Members Area as well as download the software to test out before its release.

    In a nut-shell this is a submission software. One of the hardest things to do when you are attempting to sell an affiliate product is obtaining customers to your online business, where you can either try to get the potential site visitor to join your mailing subscriber list where you would subsequently promote items you are an affiliate of that is within a particular market or you just direct them straight the website to make a purchase through your affiliate link.

    That is where the Traffic Anarchy Software comes in. As virtually anyone who has become successful in affiliate marketing understands specifically early on publishing articles on matters in your selected subject is very critical in building your recognition in that field as well as driving totally free specific traffic to your affiliate website.

    The dilemma however is that you have to circulate it to all of the leading article directories, which now means that you will have to create an account with each one and then every time you write an article you have to log in and feel out all of details into each one.

    Then to obtain even more traffic to your article an then in turn to your affiliate website you have to go to social bookmarking websites such as Digg etc. to bookmark your article so that others will see about your article. This can be incredibly time consuming to carry out.

    Traffic Anarchy, however takes care of that hassle for you. Here is what you get with the Traffic Anarchy software.

    A 3 page PDF Traffic Anarchy Instruction Manual- this manual basically explains to you all the information you might need to know about your Traffic Anarchy software and exactly how to best use it to generate massive traffic to your website.

    The Traffic Anarchy software- This is an spectacular software for just about any affiliate marketer looking to obtain free targeted traffic to their website. Basically with this software you will be able to send traffic with a click of button.

    ARTICLES-Distribute your article to Ezine Articles, Article Cube, Article Alley, and several other leading article directories.

    PRESS RELEASES-You are going to also be able to change to a different section of your software and then once again with the click of a button be able to send out a press release to Clickpress, Uspwire, Exact Release, and a variety of other press release websites.

    RSS- Deliver your sites RSS feed to a multitude of sites such as Goldenfeed, Solarwarp, Feedlisting and several other RSS feed sites.

    SOCIAL BOOKMARKING-Send out all the info regarding your article or site to all the main social bookmarking websites like as Digg, Mixx, Delicious, Spotback, Jumptags, and many additional social bookmarking websites.

    Pro’s of Traffic Anarchy-

    Very simple to download and setup

    Will save a lot of time so that you can send out several articles quickly and without difficulty

    Creates targeted visitors to your website for free of charge.

    The Traffic Anarchy software will show after clicking the button that it has logged in to your account and then that your article was successfully sent.

    Con’s of Traffic Anarchy-

    When you initially get the software you have to sign up for each of the Article Directories, Social Bookmarking sites, and Press Release sites. However please note that you click the Sign Up button on the software and it takes you straight to the sign up page for all of the websites. You are also able to click on a button so that you can test to make sure you are able to login with the software. It lets you know almost instantly whether you can or not.

    On occasion I had trouble submitting to 1 or 2 websites however the software let’s you know whether or not you were successfully able to make your post to each and every site and if not which site it wasn’t able to submit to. I was then able to go back and make adjustments so that it could be posted.

    Not many Bonuses as most people who have read my product reviews know I look forward to bonuses, almost as much as I look forward to the products that I purchased myself.

    The bonuses that come with Traffic Anarchy is Andrew Fox Nuclear Affiliate however all that you receive with this bonus is a discount to his product. The other bonus is a Free Report “The 6 Super Affiliate Secrets That Could Revolutionize Your Business This Year”


    Despite not getting a lot of bonuses like I enjoy with this product, I was more than happy with the Traffic Anarchy software. It was priced very reasonably and anybody who uses this product consistently will get their monies worth not only in saving time but in being able to get targeted traffic to their affiliate website that often times with the commission of 1 purchase of their affiliate product or products they will be able to get the money they used to purchase the software with back.

    By and large I was extremely pleased with the amount of time I have been able to save by using the software, as well as how simple the Traffic Anarchy software was to download, setup, and use.

    To Purchase Traffic Anarchy click HERE.

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