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  • Tim Bekker and Richard Newton’s CB Cash Hunter Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on July 21st, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    This is a review Tim Bekker and Richard Newton’s CB Cash Hunter product if you are looking for the Official site CLICK HERE!

    Tim Bekker and Richard Newton’s CB Cash Hunter Review


    Tim Bekker and Richard Newton's CB Cash Hunter Review Warrior Forum

    Alright when I first saw yet another Clickbank product showing how you can earn MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY online with no experience etc. I couldn’t help but be a bit skeptical of the product.  Then I found out it was from Tim Bekker who I think is a pretty good internet marketer so I decided to give it a look and all I can say is that I actually like it a lot.

    The big thing lately in world of internet marketing has been LIST BUILDING which I am actually glad too see because I can tell you from experience that building a list is essential to increasing your internet marketing success as well as profits.  While I am talking about building a list I think you should really consider signing up for mine, HINT HINT!

    Anyways so I made my purcahse of CB Cash Hunter and too my amazement they had an option of either going to see the product Upsells or going straight to your purchase!  I really like this concept because most people hate sitting through the Upsells especially when they are long boring video’s that you can’t skip until it has played.  This tells me that Tim Bekker is listening to the internet marketing community and giving them what they want which is immediate access to their purchase without having to sit through the upsells.  When you get to the Members area you will be able to go back and look at the upsells if you do decide to go straight to the product.

    Now what is the product you ask?  It is a software that you can Rebrand and then distribute to FREE Software download sites, social media sites, forums, etc.  Now what happens is the potential list subscriber and customer will find your software then download it but in order for them to activate it they will have to sign up too your mailing list so that they can get the Activation Code.

    Now there are actually several ways for you too make money with this software

     1.  By building your mailing list and then selling too them.

     2.  The software actually allows you to create several ads with your affiliate link that will rotate each time your software is used.

    Now you may be wondering what happens if you don’t have Aweber or even your own website?  Well that is another thing I like because I know that even though I was wrong and building a mailing list is worth every penny that I spent on it I was hesitant too do it because my budget was very tight early on.  Well Tim Bekker shows you both a way to get FREE Hosting for your software to be downloaded from and there are NO HIDDEN FEE’s with the place he recommends to get the hosting it really is free.  He also shows you a place that you can start building a list with FOR FREE as well.  This is something that hopefully will get those who are hesitant of building a list because of the cost to actually get started in building one.

    This product also comes with 7 Tutorial Video’s that will show you how to Rebrand your software, set up your hosting, as well as your Auto responder, and how to place your software on Free Software and Script download sites.

    CB Cash Hunter also includes 3 documents that list a TON of Free Software Download sites, Social Bookmarking sites, and Forum sites that you can feature your FREE Software in.

    Part of your success with your software is going to come down to 2 things and that is:

    1.  The name you give your software, when you name it you are going to want to use the Google Keyword Tool to find search terms that are typed in frequently so that you can rely partially on SEO for finding your software at the places you submit your software too.

    2.  It will come down to you TAKING ACTION and actually submitting your software to the sites or outsourcing for someone else to do.  I see no reason why someone couldn’t submit it to say 5 to 10 sites a day and slowly get it on each site.

    Now not only does the CB Cash Hunter product include the Rebrandable Software and Training Video’s and List of Software sites, Social Marketing sites, and Forum sites it also comes with these Extra BONUS Supporting IM Blueprints covering several techniques and methods:

    Underground Niche Marketing

    Internet Marketing Techniques Blueprints:

    Google Resurrection

    Hidden MSN Code

    Play The Search Engines

    Instant Product Playground

    Product Blueprint

    Extreme Landing Pages

    Unleash Twitter

    These are several helpful PDF’s that are going to be more helpful to an Internet Marketing Newbie more so than a more experienced internet marketer regardless they are good reading material.

    Now he also includes some other Bonuses such as Paul Ponna’s Magic Traffic Software which is FREE however you will need to sign up to his list to get the software however it is once again it shows how easy it is to build a mailing list by giving away a software.  There are also a lot more BONUSES included with this product.


    • Immediate access to your purchase
    • FREE Software that you can Rebrand
    • Shows you how to get Free hosting for those who don’t have hosting or a website
    • Shows you how to get a Free Auto responder service
    • Tells you with a video tutorial exactly how to get everything setup for you to start building a mailing list and making money.
    • A Ton of Bonus products and Internet Marketing PDF’s


    • The Members area was a bit sloppy (If you get the product you will see what I mean)
    • You could’t access all of the Bonuses


    Tim Bekker and Richard Newton’s CB Cash Hunter is certainly worth a look if you are either wanting to start a mailing list or even if you are just wanting to increase the size of your mailing list.  It gives you a software that you can Rebrand and then use to build that list as well as several ways that you can monetize it with.  I really like this product and think it is well worth the cost of the product if you are willing too put in a little bit of work.  Trust me BUILD A MAILING LIST, oh yeah and sign up for mine remember if you are not already on it!

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