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  • Tim Atkinson’s Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 20th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    This is a review of Tim Atkinson’s Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Tim Atkinson’s Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer Review

    Tim Atkinson's Link Hijack WSO Review

    Alright I am going to get right to it Tim Atkinson is the man and just about anything he puts out is worth getting because you are going to learn things that only the big guys in internet marketing know.  Well he has done it again with this AWESOME Warrior Special Offer called Link Hijack!

    Here is a list of the Downloads you get keep in mind this doesn’t even include the Video training and BONUSES that he has added as well!

    •     List of 65 Edu Wiki Registration Pages <==THIS IS THE FULL LIST OF URL’s
    •     Audio MP3 of EDU Wiki Hacks Process
    •     Audio MP3 of EDU Wiki Hacks Walkthrough
    •     Presentation Slide Deck
    •     Full Mind Map – 60 EDU Wikis
    •     1 Branch Mind Map
    •     Unstoppable Rankings – Unstoppable Strategies & Techniques to Guarantee You Dominate the Search Engines
    •     Link Hijack Deadly Syndication
    •     **BONUS – 50 EDU Blogs**

    Here is a list of some of the video’s within Tim Atkinsons Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer:

    1.) EDU WIki Hacks Method

    2.) Live Example Walkthrough

    3.) Webinar Training with Q&A

    4.) Tim’s Traffic Framework: Link Hijack Deadly Syndication

    5.) More Training on Wikis (via YouTube)
    a. How to Create an Article

    b. How to Create External Links & References

    c. How to Edit a Wiki

    He also gives an AMAZING Resources Section where he shows you a place that you can purchase articles for 99 cents a Question and Answer session with him and a whole lot more useful resources that you can use to make your internet marketing business run more smoothly and effeciently!

    The BONUS Section to the Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer is like a product in and of itself, you will find literally a ton of content from all kinds of SEO experts on how to deal with the whole Google Panda, how to get back your backlinking juice, how to dominate with Googe Plus, also one of my favorites of the BONUSES to this WSO is the Whats Working Now with Keith Baxter where he talks about obviously what is working at the moment in terms of Search Engine Optimization, if your not familiar with Keith Baxter something you should know about him is that he specializes in a technique that generates so much Internet traffic for websites that it often causes online “traffic jams.”

    Now there are more BONUSES than what I listed but I think you get the idea Tim Atkinson’s Link Hijack Warrior Special Offer ROCKS!  Here is something you should learn that even though it is a bit more expensive than most other WSO’s you also very often get what you pay for.  Now that isn’t to say that other low priced Warrior Special Offers are not worth getting because there are a lot of awesome WSO’s out there that I very often wonder why they are priced so low.  But I am saying even though this cost a bit more than most WSO’s it is still worth getting!

    So if you have not yet checked out Tim Atkinson’s Traffic Hijack WSO then you should definitely consider buying it because it totally overdelivers and it pays for itself several times over with all that you are going to learn from it including the SEO benefits you are going to get implementing what you learn from this Warrior Special Offer!

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