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  • David Eisner’s Solo Ad Revolution Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on December 1st, 2011 Tim No comments

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    David Eisner’s Solo Ads Revolution Warrior Special Offer Review

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    David Eisner's Solo Ads Revolution Warrior Special Offer Review

    One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website or even better yet your Squeeze Page is to by buying Solo Ads if you are not familiar with what Solo Ads are basically this is where you purchase site visitors from someone with a large mailing list.

    So basically say I purchased 500 Visitors from an internet marketer with a large mailing list he would then send out an email to a portion of his list and send them to my Squeeze Page where hopefully if I have done a good job of creating my Squeeze Page I would then convert at least 200 to 250 of those people into now being on my list as well.

    This is exactly how most of the big name internet marketing “Guru’s” have gotten started building their own list and if you are smart you will do the same.  The problem is buying Solo Ads can be a bit risky trust me I have purchased from people who have tried to screw me over and not send any traffic my way whatsoever.  So for that it is always important to know who is reliable to buy traffic from.

    Well David Eisners Solo Ad Revolution WSO not only shows you where to get these Solo Ads from but he also covers just about every aspect that you need to know about Solo Ads as well.  I don’t care what you have been told about how to make money online the fact is THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!

    Trust me on this sure you can make a few sales here and there but the real money is in creating a targeted mailing list that you can sell to over and over!  Have you ever wondered how these Big Name Internet Marketing “Guru’s” can make so many sales from their supposed “Money Making Push Button Software” and you can’t even seem to even earn a single cent from it?

    Well the answer is pretty simple they have a HUGE Mailing List!  You see instead of using that software to send traffic to their Clickbank Affiliate Offers they instead send out an email to their list and then in turn make HUNDREDS and usually THOUSANDS of dollars each and every day from it.

    They then can show you that they made affiliate sales with their software because they really are affiliate sales however instead of making those sales with their PUSH BUTTON software they actually did it by pushing their send button on their autoresponder account.

    If one of those supposed internet marketing “Guru’s” wants to prove otherwise then I am willing to do a live webinar where they can create a FRESH Clickbank account and then demonstrate them making sales with their Push Button Software and prove me wrong.  So take 3 things from this review of David Eisners Solo Ad Revolution WSO and that is

    1. STOP BUYING these supposed Push Button Money Making Softwares!  
    2. Start building yourself a targeted mailing list!
    3. The quickest way to start building yourself a mailing list is by utilizing the power of Solo Ads!

    Now not only does David Esiner reveal everything you need to know about buying Solo Ads in his 2 Video’s:


    Video 1 – Comprehensive Solo Ads Training

    Video 2 – Techniques And Funnel Training

    He also gives you a complete Rolodex of people that you can buy these Solo Ads from that alone is worth every penny that he is charging for this Warrior Special Offer!

    David Eisner not only shows how to get traffic for internet marketing offers but he also shows how to do it for other Niches as well which I think is pretty cool as well.

    He then also gives some amazing BONUSES as well with this WSO such as:

    Surprise Bonus #1: Ad Swap Fire Starter (John Rhodes, John Cornetta, and Frank Salinas) –  This BONUS will show you how to take your list and grow it enormously.

    Surprise Bonus #2: Mad Scientist Sales Funnel – This is pretty self explanatory on what this covers which is creating a profitable sales funnel that you can use to make money from your mailing list!

    I really can’t stress enough how important it is that you start building your list and how easy the Solo Ad Revolution Warrior Special Offer will make it for you.

    In addition to this I highly recommend for those wanting to do Solo Ads that they create a Squeeze Page to capture these email addresses the perfect Squeeze Page creator is Mo Mulla’s Instant Affiliate Paydays is by far my favorite Squeeze Page and List Building product however if you already have your own squeeze page creation tools then you can probably skip getting this.

    Also if you have not yet already gotten Rob Jones Opt In Funnels WSO you may want to consider getting it as it works very well in helping you convert the traffic you get from these Solo Ads into opting into your mailing list.

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