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    Posted on December 15th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages Review Warrior Forum

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    Andrew Fox My Mobile Money Pages Review Warrior Forum

    Alright so I think it has become pretty clear that now days the BIG thing being pushed by the internet marketing “Guru’s” is Mobile Marketing so needless to say I was not surprised whatsoever when I saw that Andrew Fox and Chris Fox were launching a product called My Mobile Money Pages.

    Now from the sound of all the emails that you are getting from the Internet Marketing “Guru’s” you would think that you are going to use this software and start bringing in a couple of hundred dollars in the first 24 hours.  Because as several of the emails I got said that this guy (Andrew and Chris Fox) was banking over $500 a day because of this Mobile Marketing” software.

    Right away I had a feeling this was going to be nothing but junk and to an extent I was some what right.  Here is the thing Mobile Marketing is going to be HUGE because lets face it people are using their phones to search the internet these days more than ever.  So there is no reason not to focus your attention on becoming more mobile friendly.

    But you really are not going to need Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages software in order to do this as there are plenty of plugins and various other products that you can get over at the Warrior Forum at half the cost to be able to have your site be more mobile friendly or better yet you can take your pick of several different Mobile Plugins at absolutely no cost.

    I am not trying to say that this product is worthless as it really will build you a Mobile friendly site and you will be able to set this site up rather quickly.  But the problem I have with it is the part of you making money from the sites that this builds for you.

    Let’s not forget the name of the game is “Money” thats the reason most of us got into internet marketing for.  So having a site that can be viewed from a mobile device is going to do very little for you if your site is not making affiliate sales to begin with and I see no reason as to why buying this product is going to some how Skyrocket your affiliate sales from whatever their current numbers are to the supposed HUNDREDS Of Dollars that you can start earning once you purchase this software and start using it.

    Let me explain this a bit more, basically for you to do well within the search engines your site has got to be SEO friendly and that means having

    Andrew Fox My Mobile Money Pages Scam Warriior Forum

    the right domain name, title, description, and meta tags, etc. not only that but you are going to need backlinks as well if you even want to think about getting to the first page of Google.

    Now lets say your site is only getting little trickles of traffic but you are making few to no sales simply buying the My Mobile Money Pages product is not going to do something magical for you and your site so that all of a sudden you are able to start making HUNDREDS Of Dollars in sales just because your site is more mobile friendly and that is why I have a problem with this product.

    It isn’t because the software doesn’t work but it is because this is being marketed to you that if you buy and use Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages product you are going to some how start earning $500 a day or as they say in the video $16,970.33 a month.

    So basically I think rather than them (The creators of this product and those who are promoting it) implying that you are going to all of a sudden be able to start FINALLY making affiliate sales because your site can now be viewed from mobile devices they instead should have told you the TRUTH which is that basically you are going to get a software that makes your site mobile friendly and you will also be able to have your site submitted to directories and social networking sites as well as being able to get some keyword research done then I wouldn’t have been so critical of this.

    So bottom line Andrew Fox My Mobile Money Pages product is not going to make a HUGE difference with your affiliate sales for the most part. Instead as I mentioned earlier you will be able to make your site mobile and you will also get some tools that are going to make your setting up your website fairly easy this includes:

    The AM Content Cloner– Which allows you to clone content easily.

    The Extreme Review Theme – With this you can upload and activate on your mobile money pages.

    The Robo Link Cloner – Basically with this you will put in your information within the fields on it and then it will do some article and directory submissions as well as some social bookmarking.

    The My Mobile Money Pages Keyword Interceptor – This basically will put together a list of keywords for you to use.

    The Mobile Site Creator – This helps you put together your mobile affiliate site either using your mobile phone or desktop.  You can use one of their sub domains if you don’t have a host (NEVER USE THIS OPTION) or you can use your own domain if you do have a host.

    Pro’s Of Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages:

    • Your websites will be mobile friendly
    • Helps with keyword research
    • You can do article and directory submissions

    Con’s Of Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages:

    • You can do keyword research with the Google Keywords Tool, Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, and various other softwares and tools.
    • There are a TON of WP Plugins that you can either buy for a fraction of the cost of this product or even get for FREE that will make your site mobile.
    • If your not making much money with your affiliate sites at the moment you are still most likely not going to make much money after purchasing this product and considering that you purchased this you actually just lost money.


    If you are struggling to make sales online then this product really is not going to help you that much but hey at least you can view your site from a mobile phone right.  Rather than buying this you should most likely try and find out why your site is either not ranking well which will most likely affect how much traffic you are getting to your sites or if you are getting traffic why are you not making sales from that traffic.

    This could be for several different reasons such as the niche you are in is not very profitable, you don’t have an autoresponder set up to capture the email addresses of those who visit your site and have an obvious interest in whatever topic your site is built around so that you can try to sell to them over and over again, or even the fact that your content is not persuasive enough to get your site visitors to be willing to purchase through your links.

    If that is the case then you should seriously consider getting one of these internet marketing products:

    Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Bring The Fresh – This is by far my favorite internet marketing product.

    I.M. Gamechanger – While not as good as Bring The Fresh it is a bit more affordable and it is comparable enough that it is well worth investing both your money and your time in.

    Craig Mako and Anthony Devine’s Fast Attack RAZOR Warrior Special Offer – This will show you a simple system For finding NEW niches and building Fast-Ranking Mini-Sites around them and the beauty of it is that you are finding NEW niches BEFORE they have a lot of competition.

    If however you are making sales online and you are just wanting to increase your sites visibility by becoming mobile friendly and in turn raise your volume of sales from that additional source of traffic then by all means you may want to consider getting Andrew and Chris Fox My Mobile Money Pages.

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