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  • Mark Thompson and Ricky Mataka’s Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 14th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Mark Thompson and Ricky Mataka’s Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Mark Thompsons Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer Review

    Something that I have long been doing whenever I see or hear of something in the news whether it be an event such as a Super Bowl or something with a celebrity such as Charlie Sheen’s WINNING or even something like the Suck For Luck trend etc. I immediately ask myself a couple of questions and they are:

    1.  Is there a way I could make money with this?
    2.  How often is this being searched for?
    3.  Is there a domain available with the phrase or search term in it?
    4.  What products or CPA offers could I use to make money with it?

    Here is an actual example for a while during the football season a popular phrase that you would often see and hear about was “Suck For Luck” so I actually purchased however I had some other projects in the works at the time and I never did end up doing anything with it which probably cost me some money as I could have at least put some minimal effort into and easily made money with a CPA offer for a FREE NFL Jersey or something along those lines.

    Now something I wish that I would have thought of was creating a plugin like Mark Thompson and Ricky Mataka’s Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer as it would have made my job of making money with these POPULAR search trends much easier.

    If you are having trouble earning a consistent income online then the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer may be just what you need as one of the hardest things to do is being able to make money in some of the more established and BIGGER niches like Weight Loss etc.

    Obviously if something is NEW such as a popular search trend it is going to be much easier for you to get your foot in the door or better yet RANK better within the search engines as there is going to be significantly less competition than there is within some of the more frequently searched phrases such as something like “How To Lose Weight” etc.

    Basically the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer is a plugin that allows you to find HOT trending topics that are being searched for and discussed online.  The Commission Trends WSO plugin is able to find the HOT keywords/phrases directly from places such as Google Trends, Ebay Pulse, and Alexa’s Whats Hot and then essentially it will then create pages for your sites by going out an scraping content that is relevent to the HOT trending keywords/phrase and then spin it as well as post it on your site.

    Now while that is pretty cool the best part is that the Commission Trends WSO plugin then also finds content that you can use to monetize the trending topic with from places such as Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, Linkshare, and Commission Junction and then adds it to your money making post as well.

    So basically all of the hard work is done for you so all you are going to have to do is monitor the content and I would also add some additional content to it as well such as images etc.

    While I do love this and highly recommend the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer I would also recommend that you do not try to build your internet marketing business around the model of just making money with trending topics but with that said there are several different ways you could use this to get both traffic to your sites and start earning income from that traffic with this AWESOME plugin.

    Here are some things I would recommend doing:

    1.  Get the Unlimited License and buy a domain that is somewhat generic like hottesttrendsandtopics.whatever then create a site with nothing but content from the latest trends and topics.

    2.  This is where you can earn a lot of money.  Create a niche specific site such as a WEIGHT LOSS site and put content on it like you normally would but then use the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer plugin to find trending topics etc. that are being searched for by people who are wanting to lose weight or get more fit and healthy.  This way you will increase your chances of getting traffic for those trending search terms instead having to put most of your attention for terms that are harder to get ranked for such as the “How To Lose Weight” terms that are being targeted by the more experienced competition.

    Bottom line the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer has a lot of potential for increasing your traffic, helping you build a list, and making money and no matter what your level of internet marketing experience is you can definitely use this as it will reduce the amount of work you have to do to get traffic to your sites.

    I would be very surprised if the Commission Trends Warrior Special Offer doesn’t get WSO Of The Day and regardless I am giving it my WSO Deal Of The Week award as it is definitely deserving of it:

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