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  • Hacked By MuhmadEmad

    Posted on August 18th, 2016 Tim No comments

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  • Jani G’s Easy Insta Income Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on February 27th, 2013 Tim No comments

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    Jani G’s Easy Insta Income Review Warrior Forum

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    Jani G's Easy Insta Income Review Warrior Forum!

    Jani G’s Easy Insta Income Review Warrior Forum!

    One of the internet marketers I am notorious for calling out for putting out crappy products and treating his customers like crap is Jani G.  It has been years now since I first called him out over a couple of different scams he pulled.

    His worst product he released though was by far Get FB Ads Free where he showed you how to pretty much build an FB Fanpage and then run Facebook Ads to get traffic to it and then monetize the Fanpage so that you could cover the cost of the FB Ads you ran essentially making them FREE!


    So after writing an Open Letter To Jani “G” Ghaffor, I really hadn’t paid to much attention to him for the most part.


    I noticed he was putting out another product call Easy Insta Income and I knew I was going to have to do my job of delivering an HONEST and DETAILED Review of this product so that people didn’t spend their hard earned money on a crappy product.

    However, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by what he put together with this product.  Now let me tell you, Jani G has actually put out some very good products in the past but as I mentioned he has also put out some crappy ones and treated his customers like they were nothing more than a sale.

    But with that said I also know that people can change we grow older and wiser and often we learn from the times we screw up (Trust me I have made my fair share of mistakes along the way and have learned from them) and I certainly hope that is the case with Jani G.

    Now I have got to say that first and foremost, I have not spent much of my internet marketing activity trying to promote product and offers on Instagram (So I am far from an Instagram Expert) and I certainly do not recommend that you make something like that your main internet marketing strategy either.

    But it definitely could be a very nice income stream to add to your overall internet marketing business strategy and even a source for internet marketing beginners to pull in some cash online and the strategy that Jani G has revealed within his Easy Insta Income is actually a pretty effective strategy for being able to monetize Instagram as I have seen by just about anyone.


    What do you get when you purchase Jani G Ghaffors Easy Insta Income product?

    Easy Insta Income is divided into 4 Modules with each Module containing multiple video’s that take you through the process of setting this system up.  I like how he gives you some very realistic tips on how to focus on starting small and then scaling up your earnings.  

    As he points out in Video 1 of Module 1 he talks about the importance of setting your goals and being realistic about them.  Within Easy Insta easy insta income review warrior forumIncome they reveal a pretty sound strategy for being able to start small and then scale up as you tweak things and that is honestly going to apply to pretty much anything you do as an internet marketer.

    You on occasion are going to get things right and also get things wrong when they go wrong, you are going to need to make adjustments to your strategy and when they go right you are going to want to scale what you are doing up so you can maximize your profits.

    Within Jani G’s Easy Insta Income you will also learn how to set up your Instagram account for those that don’t know how to and how to get into CPA Networks and what kind of CPA offers are going to work best for you.

    I mean honestly just about EVERY aspect of what you are going to need to know is covered and as with any product like this some very basic information is covered for those who are legit total newbies.. So if you are a tad bit more experienced internet marketer it could get boring at times but I think it is definitely a very good idea to cover every little aspect than to leave something out and Jani G has done just that.

    He reveals how to setup your complete Sales Funnel and Using Proven Ad Copies as well and some of the stuff he recommends promoting… I am promoting and making money with as well so I know that they are good offers to promote.


    Even though I have not been a fan of Jani “G” Ghaffor for quite some time, I have to admit he has put together a very good product and I honestly think Easy Insta Income is worth buying and trust me when I first heard he was launching a new product, I did not expect myself to be writing a review saying that.

    So believe it or not I am actually recommending that if you are wanting to add Instagram to your overall internet marketing strategy or you are just wanting to start earning your first dollars online without having to invest a lot of money then you should definitely think about purchasing Jani G’s Easy Insta Income!

    If you do purchase it, then you really need to make sure this is the ONLY product you purchase and are working on implementing until you can get it bringing in a steady stream of income that can be scaled up.

    Once you are earning say your first $150 to $300 from it which shouldn’t take you too long if you stay focused and TAKE ACTION then continue scaling it up and then start working on bringing in other streams of income as well.

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