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  • What You Need To Know Today About Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

    Posted on April 21st, 2015 Tim No comments

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    What You Need To Know Today About Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

    mobile marketing crash course reviewDid you know that more than half of Youtube’s billions of views are from mobile devices? It’s not just Youtube that they’re accessing with mobile devices, it’s pretty much all of the internet.

    And as an internet marketer you need to adapt to those changes, or else you’re going to lose a TON of business. First of all Google is once again making some changes and those changes involve penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly, and for good reason, the whole Google business model is based on users using them to find relevant websites to what they’re searching for, and if they’re using a mobile device, and can’t read your website, it isn’t going to do them a whole lot of good.

    Even if Google wasn’t making these changes to their algorithm, you should have made your websites more mobile friendly in the first place, because as these stats show below, the usage of mobile devices to find websites like mine and yours is increasing each and every day, and they expect sites like ours to provide them content that easy for them to read on their mobile device.



    I’ll be the first to admit, I was slacking on doing this myself, and I haven’t made the changes to all of my websites, but I am going to make the changes to all my websites here in the near future. The problem for me of course is that I own well over a hundred websites, so it is going to take me a bit longer than it will for some of you, but I’ll be getting it done sooner rather than later.

    Now before you get all panicked about the change, and think you have to go purchase a new mobile theme or something along those lines, don’t worry, because the changes are actually really easy to make, and the best part about this is that it is estimated that 40% of the top websites aren’t mobile friendly, which means you have a chance to rank above them after Google makes these changes. But first you need to get your website set up so that it’s mobile friendly, which is really easy to do.

    First of all you’ll want to go over to here:

    From there you can search to see whether or not your site is mobile friendly. If it is mobile friendly you won’t need to make any changes whatsoever, however if your website isn’t, all you have to do is go find a mobile friendly WordPress Theme and install it on your site, by searching the free WordPress Themes section, and then when you find one you like, I’d  recommend that you activate it to see how it looks, and then reactivate the WordPress Theme you normally use.

    After that do a search for a plugin called “Mobile Smart“, install it and activate it, and then go to the Settings section,  and in there you will have the option to switch your theme over to mobile friendly theme whenever a mobile device is detected visiting your website, so you’ll then choose the theme you liked and save your settings.

    Then you’ll want to go back and check that your website is mobile friendly at the Google mobile friendly checker link I provided earlier, and then you’re all set. Google will reward you with better search engine rankings, and your site visitors using a mobile device will stay on your site longer, and be more apt buy whatever it is you’re selling, and the best part is you get to keep the theme you’ve been using all along, and it didn’t take a whole lot of time or effort to implement everything.

    One last thing, if your websites aren’t doing well in the rankings, you should seriously consider getting my friend Kelly Felix product Bring the Fresh, as it will show you how to easily get your websites ranking and making you money fairly fast. He even has an option where you can have them do all the work for you, but personally I recommend that you be self sufficient and learn how to do it yourself.

    HELPFUL RESOURCE: Search Engine Land Mobile Friendly Update FAQ – This will answer any and all questions you may have about this update and how it will affect your websites.

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