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  • Stay Away From Internet Marketing Scams Like This

    Posted on April 28th, 2015 Tim No comments

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    Stay Away From Internet Marketing Scams Like This

    internet marketing scams 3I want to warn you about a product I came across this week.  It is a product on Facebook marketing, and it is actually a decent product (Especially for newbies), but they’ve included a method in one of their bonuses for the product that is just flat out WRONG.

    The bonus method they teach is called “Effortless FB Birthday Cash”, and basically it is an unethical way of making money with Facebook setting up FAKE Facebook profiles, and getting people to sign up for CPA dating site offers.

    First of all the method they’re teaching is OLD, and I’m not even sure how well it works anymore, and second of all, even if it does work, it’s wrong, because you’re lying and deceiving people, and you just don’t have to do that kind of stuff to make money online.

    Here is an example…

    Years ago, when I first started trying to make money online, I did a whole lot of dirty methods like this.

    One of the things I would do is go onto Craigslist and then put an ad on there saying I had to move and I was giving away my dog for free, and if you wanted the dog to email me.  I included a picture or two of the dog, and it looked pretty genuine.

    I then used a feature in Gmail where you could send back a prewritten response whenever someone emailed you (It’s meant for people to be able to let anyone who emails them know that you’re not ignoring them, and that you’re on vacation or just won’t be able to check your email for a few days).

    In my response I’d say something along the lines of…

    “Hey, thanks for your interest in (Fill in the blank name of my fake dog), I’ve got a lot of responses so far, so it make take a me a day or two to get back to you. I’m wanting him to go to a loving home so I’m being very selective on who I’ll give him to.

    Recently I’ve been training him with (Insert affiliate link to Clickbank dog training product) and he is doing really well, and I’m hoping that anyone who takes him, will continue training him.”

    Now that’s not word for word what I said (Because to be quite honest it was so long ago, that I just don’t remember it all exactly), but that should give you a general idea.

    Anyway, I used a proxy and several different email accounts so that I could post this same ad all throughout Craigslist, and quite a few people would end up buying the product, and I made quite a bit of very easy money.

    The more expensive of a pet that it was (Sometimes I’d give away a fake parrot), the more likely people were to buy the product, I’d assume in their minds they wanted to increase the chances of getting the pet, and it was a small price to pay for an expensive pet.

    And even though what I was doing worked, it was also WRONG and I really regret doing it.making-money-on-the-internet

    And I could have easily made money on Craigslist using some arbitrage method like finding free stuff on Craigslist and then listing it and selling it in another local town, or just go to the local flea market and find some inexpensive items that I could sell on there.

    I could have done any other number of things to make money, and I wish I would have, because there are just far too many ways to make money online, than having to resort to scamming people.

    And that is something my friend Kelly Felix found out.

    Years ago he came out with a product called the Rich Jerk (It was actually the very first internet marketing product I ever bought), and it was a good product, but he also did some unethical marketing practices too.

    He ended up losing everything, and having to start all over.

    And since his reputation had taken a hit, people were naturally distrustful of him, so he went above and beyond with his new product, giving customer service that is unheard of and the product is still one of the best products five years later.

    Which is why I urge you to get it.

    Because it has been around for five years and what he teaches worked then and it works now, and that’s yet another reason to avoid scammy methods like the one I did and the one I mentioned earlier, because they generally only work for a while, and then sites like Craigslist find ways to stop you from doing it or at least make it more difficult, or people start hearing about it and don’t fall for it anymore.

    But methods like the one my friend Kelly Felix teaches in Bring the Fresh will continue to work and make you money for a long time to come.


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