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    Posted on June 30th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    This is a review of Sam Bakker’s FB Cash 2.0 product if you are looking for his official site CLICK HERE!


    Sam Bakker FB Cash 2.0 Review

    FB Cash 2.0 Review Warrior Forum

    There is no doubt whatsoever that there is a lot of money that can be made on Facebook, however most people have absolutely no idea how to do it!   So if you are one of those internet marketers that has tried but failed to make money on Facebook or is wanting to make money on there but you just don’t know how then you are going to love Sam Bakker’s FB Cash 2.0

    Here is essentially what you will get when you purchase FB Cash 2.o

    The Main Modules:

    01. Introduction
    02. Facebook Profile Basics
    03. How Business Pages Grow
    04. Unique Features of Business Pages
    05. The Ninja Fan Page Script Templates

    Modules 1 – 5

    These modules teach the Facebook basics for new comers. This will basically cover everything  they will need to know about getting started on Facebook, they go into a lot of detail in these modules about everything you will need to know from Creating A Facebook account right through to privacy and setting up their first facebook fan page.

    06. Adding FBcash Templates
    07. Further Customizing FBcash Templates
    08. Friend Getting Strategies
    09. Using Other People’s Pages to Get Fans
    10. Teaming Up to Get Fans

    Modules 6 – 10

    In these modules  FB Cash 2.0 you are  guided through editing the Facebook Fan Page script. You will also learn a number of traffic generation strategies that will help you make your pages go viral.  A number of these strategies I have not seen taught before and they are all legitimate and effective marketing strategies.

    11. Communication Strategies
    12. Lead Generation
    13. Safety First
    14. Bringing it All Together
    15. Getting Clients
    16. Conversion Optimizer

    Modules 11 – 16

    These modules are once again very detailed and will cover making money with this information and includes the Like Bait script. With this script you will then be able to go out and promote this script to local businesses, online businesses and use the script to effectively to drive customers in their businesses.

    Ninja “Like Bait” Script

    Also included within this is a very ninja one of a kind “Like Bait” Script to get fans. This is a nice way to hook people and you can easily increase your fans with this alone.
    NOTE: If there are unexpected changes Facebook makes and buyers will be notified via email.

    17. Facebook To Website Integration
    18. Facebook Applications
    19. Text Message Marketing

    Modules 17 – 19

    In these modules you will learn how to integrate your website and Facebook as well as how to create Facebook Apps and text message marketing which is getting very popular these days.


    This is by far one of the BEST Facebook marketing products I have seen and there are quite a few coming out these days so if you are wanting to start marketing on Facebook this is certainly worth investing in.  You can easily make your money back on Facebook by implementing what you learn with Sam Bakker’s FB Cash 2.0 product, because FB Cash 2.0 covers both ways to make money online with Facebook as well as how to do it offline.

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