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  • RSS Pigeon Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 2nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of the RSS Pigeon Warrior Special Offer if you would like to visit the official WSO CLICK HERE!

    RSS Pigeon Authority Backlinks Warrior Special Offer Review

    RSS Pigeon Warrior Special Offer Review

    There are several terms that people like to say that RSS stands for but the most popularly accepted is Really Simple Syndication.

    Now think about it like this, most cars have several of your favorite radio stations programmed in it.  These stations are in there because they suit your favorite types of music for myself personally I have my favorite Hip Hop stations, Rock stations, and Top 40 stations all programmed in not to mention my favorite A.M. sports radio stations as well.

    Since you have these stations already preprogrammed in you can have push button access to your favorite station without having to sort through all of the stations that you don’t want to listen too etc.

    Well this is pretty much what RSS does for a person’s web browsing, so rather than having to open up a ton of emails etc.  People can just subscribe to your feeds and see a headline as well as a line or two from your latest update and then click to see the rest of your post.

    So needless to say RSS can be a very powerful way to keep your readers coming back but what if you could MAKE IT EVEN MORE POWERFUL than it already is?  Well the RSS Pigeon Warrior Special Offer will show you exactly how to do just that.

    I cannot say enough good about the RSS Pigeon Warrior Special Offer because it gives you the power of RSSwith authority backlinks as well.  What this means is not only will you be able to just have an RSS feed but your site is going to get More Traffic, High SEO Rankings, as well as getting indexed faster as well, which in turn creates more opportunities for you to make sales, which means YOU EARN MORE MONEY!

    Essentially you are going to be able to get your content to spread across the internet with the power of social media and get authority backlinks as well which helps you look better in the eyes of Google.  The beauty of this is you can also get Authority backlinks to your articles at Ezine Articles and trust me this will make a big difference as Ezine took a big hit with some of the recent Google changes.

    This also works for Squidoo and Hubpages as well, personally I am not a big fan of these 2 sites myself but that is just me.

    There is a draw backs to the RSS Pigeon Authority Backinks Warrior Special Offer and that is it does take a bit of work to get set up if you choose not to outsource.  The upside is that once it is all done it will give you powerful AUTHORITY BACKLINKS to your sites, Youtube videos, Ezine articles, etc.

    I personally outsource work like this and it is not very expensive and he does reveal how you can too within this WSO but even if you rather not outsource this the work you will put into this is well worth it.

    Here is just a sample of what you will get within the RSS Pigeon WSO:


    • A list of over 25 authority sites which meet my strict criteria to be used in this strategy.   
    • A simple step by step guide (VA ready) on how to complete the RSS wildfire strategy,  for free. This is ready to send to your Virtual Assistant (VA).  If you choose to Outsource you are going to really be thankful that you have this as it is detailed and will cover everything that they will need to do and this saves you the time of having to try and explain what needs to be done etc.  Outsourcing is much more affordable than most people think and if you have not ever outsourced this may be the perfect time to give it a try and see how easy and cost effective it is.
    • A video detailing a key automation strategy showing you how to set it up, and the results.
    • The main RSS Wildfire strategy explained. How to get your content on authority sites and social networks automatically, every single time you create new content.
    • Get deep links to all your new posts, submitted articles, and pretty much any content you want – automatically. This is FREE and NO SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED!
    • Bonus strategies which show you how to compliment & boost the main RSS Wildfire with powerful auto-backling software.
    • Advanced and aggressive RSS strategies including how to get an extra backlink from every item in your RSS Feed, and tools to  take the power of RSS a giant step further.


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