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  • Ronnie Nijmeh’s Autoresponder Blueprint Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 24th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Ronnie Nijmeh’s Autoresponder Blueprint Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Ronnie Nijmeh’s Autoresponder Blueprint Warrior Special Offer Review

    Ronnie Nijmeh's Autoresponder Blueprint Warrior Special Offer Review

    We all know that THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!  However if you don’t know how to develop a relationship with your list or what buttons to push to get your list to open up their emails and read them not to mention click your link and actually make a purchase then having a list will do you no good whatsoever!

    I know for a fact that when I first started building my list I really didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing or even how to write a headline that would make my list subscribers want to open up their email and read it.  Having something like this Warrior Special Offer would have helped me quite a bit.

    Ronnie Nijmeh’s Autoresponder Blueprint WSO will actually make you your money back quite possibly today!  If you get even just one more person to open up and make a purchase that wouldn’t have had you not used what you will learn with this product then it will more than pay for your investment in this WSO!  So even if you have a small list then I am confident in saying that this WSO is well worth investing both your money and time in.

    Alright now after talking the Autoresponder Blueprint Warrior Special Offer up you are probably wondering what the heck you get with your purchase.  So here is what you get with your purchase of the Autoresponder Blueprint WSO:

    Module 1 Super Fast Follow-Up Creation:
    Handout, Transcript, and MP3 Recording
    UNANNOUNCED BONUS: 99 AR Questions (.pdf)

    Module 2: Autoresponder Bonding
    Handout, Transcript, and MP3 Recording

    Module 3: Rapid List Building
    Handout, Transcript, and MP3 Recording

    Viral Traffic 101

        Video #1: Automated Blog Traffic Introduction
        Video #2: The System
        Video #3: The Next Level
        BONUS VIDEO #1: How to Install Basic Aweber Forms in WordPress
        BONUS VIDEO #2: How to Design an Aweber Form in WordPress
        BONUS VIDEO #3: How to Outrank Your Competitors Using Backlinks

    Recommended Links and Resources:
    Recommended Resources (.pdf)

    As you can see this is about as detailed as you can get when it comes to how setup a profitable autoresponder!  I have actually learned a lot from this myself to be quite honest!  Now normally I do not go into detail about the One Time Offers that come with a product but this one in particular is AMAZING!

    I can tell you this I will be using the content from Autoresponder Blueprint OTO as well because it is PACKED WITH MONEY MAKING CONTENT!

    Here is all that is included in the Autoresponder Blueprint One Time Offer:

    •     25 Ways to Explode Your Traffic – Pretty self explanatory!
    •     30 Days of 99 Emails
    •     Autoresponder Checklist – Print this out and keep it next to you!
    •     Autoresponder Titles
    •     Next Step AR Template
    •     Perry Marshall AR 10 Originals – Perry Marshall is a legend need I say more!
    •     Persuasion Word Master Swipe File – Once again PRINT THIS OUT or keep it in a spot where you can access it when you are writing an email or even any kind of website copy!
    •     Plug-in Headline Cheat Sheet – This is money baby!
    •     Title Rewriter Template

    Seriously after seeing all of this I think it is pretty self explanatory as to why I like this WSO so much!  Now there are a lot of good Warrior Special Offers released today but I am going to say I am pretty sure that Autoresponder Blueprint will get WSO Of The Day!  If you read my reviews frequently then you will know that I am right about this just about every time.  This is perfect for you no matter whether you are just getting started building a list or you already have a list with thousands of subscribers and if you don’t have a list then get started because you are missing out on a lot of money!

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