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    Posted on October 6th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of  Phil Mansour and Andrew X Paid Ads Free if you would like to see the Official Site CLICK HERE!

    Phil Mansour and Andrew X Paid Ads Free Review

    Phil Mansour and Andrew X Paid Ads Free Review Warrior Forum

    Alright I am not going to beat around the bush Phil Mansour and Andrew X have both been on my Crap List several times in the past because most of the products that they have put out are just that CRAP!  So needless to say when they put out a product called Paid Ads Free several things ran through my mind namely Jani G’s crappy joke of a product called Get FB Ads Free.

    So I was pretty sure from the get go that this product was going straight to my Crap List as well.  So I was pleasantly surprised when I actually started watching the video’s and found a very good product that pretty much really does show you how to get Paid Ads FREE!

    So your probably thinking to yourself now,”Okay so your saying I can get Paid Ads For Free but how does this work?”

    Well basically the Main Course to Phil Mansour and Andrew X Paid Ads Free consist of Video Traing in total all the video’s are about 2 hours long which really is pretty reasonable.  By the end of the training you are going to have a very good idea of how to get Paid Ads Free.

    If you are wondering this is not arbitrage and you can get started without spending any money at all.  However as you advance you are going to want to start spending money which is really more of an investment in your business and will help you continue to grow and expand this business model so that it is more profitable.

    The business model that you are going to learn so that you can get Paid Ads Free is essentially REVENUE SHARING.  There are literally thousands of websites out there that will agree to do revenue sharing with you especially if you know what you are doing.

    So basically you are going to find a HOT NICHE and a HOT OFFER, which you can find in Clickbank or from several CPA Networks that he recommends.

    You then learn how to use what is termed an “Old School Tool” which is a URL Scraper (It is FREE) that will then find THOUSANDS of websites that will be willing to do advertising with you.

    Now as soon as you start earning money with this technique or if you have a bit of money to spend (Under $100) then he will show you at this point how to start your own advertising network!  Yeah this is where you can start making some BIG MONEY!

    Now if this seems a bit confusing to you don’t worry as you watch the video’s all of the pieces of the puzzle will come together and you will understand this concept much better.  Where you will also learn how tracking works and how you can do it for free as well or if you have more money to spend or once you start earning money from this you can get a more advanced way of doing this.

    Alright well I hope that this review of Phil Mansour and Andrew X’s Paid Ads Free helps you get a better idea of how this whole concept works.

    Pro’s –

    • It really does show you how to get Paid Ads Free
    • You will have a thorough understanding of how this works and be ready to start earning money within 2 hours of getting this product.
    • Very creative concept and definitely different from the usual rehashed internet marketing products.
    • You can get started for free
    • This can be outsourced once you start having money come in
    • Can earn potentially hundreds if not well into the thousands of dollars with this business model as it grows

    Con’s –

    This does require some work on your part


    As much as I thought I was going to absolutely hate this product I have to admit that Phil Manour and Andrew X actually did an awesome job with Paid Ads Free and I think that anyone who is willing to put in some work can make money with this product.  Obviously the more money you have to invest in some of the tools and in starting your very own network the faster you are going to be able to make more money.

    However with that said you can start implementing what you learn for free and then as you start earning money you will be able to then invest that money back into your business and get those tools and get your network up and running.  I really hope those that buy this TAKE ACTION because this is seriously a real MONEY MAKER that does work.  

    Initially I was a bit concerned that maybe this would get a little saturated with everyone using this business model, however I sadly had to admit the truth is that most people will buy something like this and then get a bit excited and perhaps even do a little bit of the work but then they will more often than not lose interest in continuing to put in the required work and buy yet another internet marketing product which means this most likely will not get overly saturated and there will be plenty of money for those that stick with this and continue to TAKE ACTION daily!

    So to my pleasant surprise I definitely recommend Phil Mansour and Andrew X Paid Ads Free to anyone who is willing to put in the required work.

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