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    Posted on July 26th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOIt's OFFICIAL the Rich Jerk 2.0 has my Vote for the BEST Internet Marketing Product of 2016!

    This is a review of Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid 3 in 1 Software if you are looking for the Official site CLICK HERE!

    Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid 3 In 1 Software Review


    Paul Ponna's Income Hybrid Software Review Warrior Forum

    Alright so the latest push button software to hit the market is Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid.  Now you may be wondering what exactly is Income Hybrid is a product thats main goal is to help you capitalize off of the viral nature of Facebook Fanpages.

    Here is the thing the software basically will make the job of setting up a Facebook fanpage easier for the average person who is wanting to set up a fanpage it also includes ways to monetize your fanpage with offers from Clickbank and Amazon, etc.

    Now as the sales page for Income Hybrid states you do not need a website to use this product because it is all hosted on a secure server.  This is really the perfect product for someone who is just getting into internet marketing and is intimidated by setting up their own website, getting hosting, etc. or even creating their first Facebook Fanpage because it does eliminate a lot of the work.

    Below are Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid Training Modules:

    Module 1:  Income Hybrid Software Setup
    Module 2: Creating Facebook Fanpages
    Module 3: Advanced Niche Templates Setup
    Module 4: Amazon and Ebay Account Setup
    Module 5: Getting FREE Traffic To Your Facebook Fanpages
    Module 6: Emailing Offers To Your Facebook Fans!
    Module 7: How to integrate Click and Other Affiliate Offer Banners
    Module 8: Facebook Secret List Maximizer Strategy

    Pro’s –

    • You can easily add Clickbank and other affiliate marketing programs ads to your Facebook Fanpage to earn money from your fans
    • Allows you to easily integrate your autoresponder to your Facebook fanpage so that you can start building or increase the size of your mailing list
    • Includes predesigned templates that you can use for your Facebook Fanpages as well as change to fit your own taste
    • You don’t need a website although in the long run I would recommend that you do use one as well
    • Pretty thorough training on how to use the product to start earning money with your Facebook fanpages

    Con’s –

    • Yet another Facebook Fanpage product
    • You are not going to make the kind of money that they say they have made with the Income Hybrid product
    • This product may only be good for a little while considering most likely Google Plus will put a considerable dent into Facebooks popularity sometime in the near future


    Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid is a decent IM product that definitely simplifies the whole process of setting up a Facebook Fanpage and it is certainly something that I will be using in the future to help create mine.  While you can easily earn money off of your Fanpages don’t expect to make any where near the amount the salespage makes it sound like you will be able to earn.

    However as I said before this is definitely a good product that is perfect for IM beginners because of the fact that you don’t need a website.  As for intermediate or even advanced internet marketers I would recommend buying this product for how easy it makes setting up the Facebook Fanpages the only other way that it gets easier is if you outsource them.

    Speaking of outsourcing there is plenty of potential for someone to use Income Hybrid to earn Offline income from local business etc. by setting up fanpages for them so the potential to earn money with this software goes beyond just building yourself a Facebook fanpage however as I said before do not expect to earn THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS with the PUSH OF A BUTTON.

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