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    Posted on March 9th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Online Stock Profits Review Warrior Forum

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    Something that I have become more and more interested in is the stock market so I was pretty excited when I heard about the Online Stock Profits system.  There are well over 7,000 stocks that you can purchase so needless to say it is not exactly easy to be able to predict which one of those stocks is going to be the most profitable both in the short and long term.

    So what the Online Stock Profits system does is go through and analyze all of the various stocks and then filters out 97% of the stocks listed and then leaves you with the 3% that are most likely to be profitable which obviously is going to make your job of finding the right stock to invest in much easier.

    What is cool about the Online Stock Profits system is how it analyzes these stocks which is by using the power of the social network Twitter which has been shown to be able to predict the stock market with an 87.6% accuracy which is pretty good if you ask me.

    Which actually makes perfect sense  when you consider that the stock market is mostly influenced by public perception, which comes down to peoples emotions, beliefs, etc  For example if a major storyline were to come out tomorrow that reflected negatively on a popular brand then most likely peoples perception of that stock would no longer be as good as it once was and therefore it would be very likely that the stock value would drop and the same would be true if there is positive news about a particular brand or the stock market in general which would then most likely raise the value of those particular stocks.  When you really think about it  even the search engines are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to better help them rank websites which I think says plenty about how accurate these sites can be.

    Other reasons social media websites like Twitter can be so effective in predicting trends is because of the fact that it is all happening in REAL TIME so you are getting the most current information.  Not only that but it is way harder to be able to manipulate or control the sharing of information on these sites so you can get a way more accurate idea of what the world is talking about etc.

    So if you are wanting to invest money in the stock market and your not quite sure where to start or what to invest in then you should definitely consider purchasing the Online Stock Profits system.

    For more information on how Twitter is able to predict the stock market check out this report on CNN’s Official site.

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