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  • Norma Rickmans and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 23rd, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Norma Rickmans Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

    I hope that you are getting used to seeing the word CURATION because I don’t think you will be seeing this go away anytime soon.  Now let me slightly change the topic and I promise it will tie in with this review, if you have not heard yet the search engines have done yet another algorithm change and to an extent I am pretty happy to see it.

    Think about it like this, have you ever gone search for something online and then came across a site that is nothing but some keyword optimized sniper site or even worse an auto-blog site?  Chances are you have and most likely you were a bit annoyed to say the least as I know that I am.  Well Google wisely wants to make those that use their search engines to find information experience as best as possible which naturally makes sense, so in order to do that they have got to put the BEST content at the top of the results so that those that are searching for that particular information can find what they are looking for RIGHT AWAY and not after going through 7 pages of content.

    Well needless to say some people were able to get an edge on the system briefly and now Google has wisely made some adjustments to minimize those who are putting out nothing but useless and unhelpful content from getting on the first page and putting the more helpful and relevant content exactly where it should be on the first page.

    Here is where this ties in with my review of Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination WSO review, basically something that the search engines love to see is helpful and quality information and if done right a site that uses curation like the Huffington Post and TMZ do each and everyday is going to not only get a TON of daily readers but they are going to rank one the first page of the search engines because they are providing ORGANIZED and TOPIC RELATED CONTENT (topic related to what the person is searching for) and that means the person who is using their search engine is getting an enjoyable experience which is exactly what Google is wanting.  Trust me right now curation is one of the BEST ways to not only gain a loyal following of readers but you will also get a much needed SEO boost, which this article talks about: Winning The SEO Battle With Content Curation

    Now here is how this benefits you:

    • You can do LESS work and get BETTER RESULTS
    • You can use other peoples content and not get a duplicate content penalty
    • Those that visit your site are going to have a more enjoyable experience which means not only will they most likely come back to your site but they are going to stay longer and look around at other content on your site and remember one of the things factored into the algorithm is how long a person stays on your site not just how many visit

    Alright so now that you understand why you need to start using content curation, here is why I LOVE Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination.  Basically this Warrior Special Offer takes you through literally EVERYTHING that you are going to need to know about content curation and I mean literally EVERYTHING from A to Z and they even includes a Case Study which I personally love to see.  Here is what you get when you purchase Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer:

    Video 1–Curation Basics(What)

    Video 2–Curation Basics(Why)

    Video 3–Curation Basics(What It’s Not)

    Mainstream Curation Examples–Text

    Mainstream Curation Examples–Video

    Mainstream Curation Examples–Pics

    Mainstream Curation Examples–Kitchen Sink

    How to Curate Content

    How to Curate Content–Google

    How to Curate Content–YouTube

    How to Curate Content–Other

    Case Study–Examples

    Case Study–Research

    PDF Ebooks

    • Curation Domination for Niche Blogs Checklist
    • Curation Domination for Niche Blogs–FAQ

    So after seeing how much you really should be doing content curation and how detailed Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer is on how to get started doing content curation and profit from it I hope that you will both study this WSO and more importantly start putting what you learn into ACTION so that you can significantly reduce the amount of work you are doing as well as increase your internet marketing income.

    I love Norma Rickman and Matt Wiggins Curation Domination Warrior Special Offer so much that I am awarding it my WSO Deal Of The Week:


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