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  • Nick Jolin’s Simple Site Sensei Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on October 2nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Nick Jolin’s Simple Site Sensei Warrior Special Offer Review

    WSO Of The Day Nick Jolins Simple Site Sensei Review

    Nick Jolin has put out yet another AWESOME software called Simple Site Sensei and at first I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it but after going through all of his training videos and playing with the Simple Site Sensei software I am actually very excited about how much potential this has.

    What I like about this software is that it will help pretty much any internet marketer but especially those that are new or intermediate internet marketers to be able to effectively maximize their profits with each and every site that they build.  Now while I think those who will benefit most from this software are going to be internet marketing beginners and intermediate internet marketers I also think that advanced internet marketers may also benefit from using this software as well.

    Alright I have been working on other projects all day so despite how much I would love to go into detail on all of the features of this software I am most likely going to have to leave some things out.

    Altogether Nick Jolin’s Simple Site Sensei is pretty easy to setup and get going.  The training for this software consist of these video’s:

    • Setup Video
    • The Blog Profit Pro Basics Video
    • Amazon Advertising Module
    • ClickBank Advertising Module
    • Commission Junction Advertising Module
    • PeerFly CPA Advertising Module
    • PayDotCom and Adsense Advertising Modules
    • Keyword Competition Tool Module

    Then there is also a 14 page Simple Site Sensei PDF Ebook that also covers how to setup your software, choosing a niche, etc.

    There is also a pretty cool BONUS that comes with Nick Jolins Simple Site Sensei Warrior Special Offer it is called Wicked Simple Bonus: Setting Off A Keyword Bomb! by Shawn Anderson this ebook consist of 11 pages and although it is a fairly short report altogether it is a very good read and I recommend that if you get this software that you take the time to read it because it is a very quick read and gets straight to the point of showing you a pretty cool method that he has developed of being able to find BUYER KEYWORDS that are HIGHLY TARGETED and with a lot of searches!

    If you are on the fence as to whether or not you should get Nick Jolin’s Simple Site Sensei WSO, I highly recommend that you do because you will definitely get your money’s worth with not only the software but with Shawn Anderson’s Wick Simple Bonus as well.  I have no doubt that as long as you watch the training video’s and TAKE ACTION you will earn the money that you invested in this software back very quickly!

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