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    Posted on July 22nd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Mo Mulla’s Instant Affiliate Paydays if you are looking for the official site CLICK HERE!


    Mo Mulla’s Instant Affiliate Paydays Review


    Mo Mulla's Instant Affiliate Paydays Review Warrior Forum

    Mo Mulla’s Instant Affiliate Paydays is following the recent trend of internet marketing product launches and that is LIST BUILDING.  As everyone knows THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST and it really is true!  So essentially when you get Instant Affiliate Paydays you are getting a software that has predesigned squeeze page templates that you can use to create your own squeeze page.

    Now once you have chosen your list building template the software will allow you to customize all of the various parts of your squeeze page such as your header, download button, your call to action, and more.  That way you can start building a TARGETED LIST to start making sales too!

    Here are the Main Instant Affiliate Paydays Training Modules:

    Module 1 – Instant Affiliate Paydays Secret Software

    Module 2 – Creating your Product & Niche Selection

    Module 3 – Driving Mass Traffic

    Module 4 – Monetization

    Module 5 – Advanced Strategies

    Now what I like about this product is that you can pretty much use this software to create list within just about any niche that you choose as opposed to say another IM LIST BUILDING product launch CB Cash Hunter which is targeted more to those in the internet marketing niche.

    Instant Affiliate Payday also provides plenty of training for how to get traffic to your squeeze page etc. So there is really no reason if you TAKE ACTION and use the software that you couldn’t start building a mailing list.


    • The money is in the list and this product does help you create a squeeze page to effectively help you start building that list.
    • Step by step instructions of exactly what you need to do to start building your list and monetizeing it.
    • You can use this software to create squeeze pages in various niches as opposed to some of the other list building launches.


    It is yet another IM product that is focused on building a mailing list.


    As an internet marketer you should always be trying to build a list in whatever niche or niches that you are a marketer in.  So while this IM product is far from original it will also be useful to internet marketing beginners or even intermediates, however with that said if you have already purchased either Jamie Lewis Income Entourage, Chronic Commissions, or CB Cash Hunter then I would encourage you to just continue to focus on building a list with those products rather than spend your money on yet another LIST BUILDING product.

    Now if you haven’t purchased any of those products and you are either wanting to start building a mailing list or even increase your list size then you may want to consider getting Mo Mulla’s Instant Affiliate Paydays.

    Especially if you are marketing in more than one niche.  Keep in mind that even though this product will most likely increase your affiliate earnings in both the short and long term especially as you increase your mailing list size.  You are most likely not going to make anywhere the amount of affiliate income that he has made any time soon.  Please remember that it has taken him years to build a large list that makes him that kind of money.  However if he can do it you can do it too and I recommend that you get started building a list whether you use his product or not.

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