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    Posted on January 12th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Mo Mulla’s Armageddon Paydays Review Warrior Forum

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    Mo Mulla Armageddon Paydays Review Warrior Forum

    I have been impressed with Mo Mulla’s recent product launches but with his newest product Armageddon Paydays I have to admit that I am not near as impressed.  Basically for those who purchase the most basic package of this product will get access to what is called the Core System of the product.

    Basically the Core System will show you the basics of setting up a WordPress site the right way etc. Now aside from this you will also learn within Mo Mulla’s Armageddon Paydays Membership Area how to set up a Facebook Fanpage and how to connect your WordPress Blog to it.  Having a Facebook Fanpage does very little good if you don’t have traffic to it so Mo Mulla also provides training on how to get traffic to your Fanpage and various other tricks.

    Now the other thing that is going to be included with your purchase of Mo Mulla’s Armageddon Paydays is their software which is basically a plugin where you can put your Amazon Affiliate link in it and whatever Keywords your site is being built around and it will then post Articles and Reviews to your website with your affiliate link in it.

    Pro’s –

    • You learn how to set up a WordPress site
    • You will learn how to setup a Facebook Fanpage as well as how to drive traffic to it
    • You get a plugin that autoblogs post for you with your affiliate link within them so it cuts down the amount of work that you are going to need to do.


    • You can buy a Warrior Special Offer that will show you how to properly setup a WordPress blog for half the price or even go to Youtube and learn how to do it for FREE!
    • Google is developing technology that is starting to learn how to detect Autoblog sites more than ever and that means you most likely are going to drop in the rankings as soon as it notices that your site is putting up rehashed content.


    While the general training portion of this product is very good you can also learn how to do this from several different Warrior Special Offers or even from some very good internet marketing products like Bring The Fresh or even Sara Youngs Easy Paycheck Formula that will show you not only how to set up your site but how to actually put together a review site that is going to rank well and make you money which is the whole point of getting into the internet marketing business.

    Now aside from that one of the things Google seems to be cracking down on,  are sites that have content provided from you guessed it an AUTOBLOGGER.  So even though the actual content part of Mo Mulla’s Armageddon Paydays is very good, his SECRET Software (An Autoblogger plugin) shhhh don’t let the secret out is worthless for the most part.

    So instead of trying to take the easy way and getting a software that is going to do nothing more than put content on your site that no one is going to see because it won’t rank well in the long run of things, use a product like Sara Youngs Easy Paycheck Formula where she will show you how to set up your site and get it ranked as well as how to put together content on your site so that visitors will actually buy from you and start building yourself a long term internet marketing business.

    Now I know putting in the work is not necessarily the most fun thing to do but I can tell you that it will make you money and while it is also a bit time consuming if someone like Sara Young who is a mother of 6 can make a living doing it so can you.

    So bottom line save your money and DO NOT BUY Mo Mulla’s Armageddon Paydays and if you are wanting to learn how to make money online then I highly recommend getting one of these products.

    Recommend Internet Marketing Products:

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    Sara Young’s Easy Paycheck Formula
    Massive Passive Video’s
    Wicked Simple Cash 2.0
    London Paladin’s Occupy Google

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