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    Posted on August 20th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System Review Warrior Forum

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    Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System Review Warrior Forum

    There is no doubt that the BIG MONEY in the internet marketing business is in PRODUCT CREATION.  The reason being is that if you put together a good product as well as sales copy that will convert traffic into buyers then you will have no problem getting affiliates to promote your product for you which in turn then makes you not only a lot of money but you also are able to build yourself a BUYERS LIST in the process as well.

    The problem for most internet marketers especially internet marketing beginners and intermediate internet marketers is that they just have no idea how to create a product of their own and if for some reason they are able to get a product created they often run into another problem.

    Which is they don’t know how to SALES COPY or at least sales copy that actually converts the visitors to their offer convert into sales and if you can’t get the traffic to your site to convert into buyers you can send all of the traffic in the world to your site and not make a dime.

    So what ends up happening is they end up either

    1.  Not trying at all (Sound familiar?)
    2.  Try but fail and then decide to try something else like BUY ANOTHER PRODUCT (Sound familiar?)

    Well Mike Filsaime has apparently noticed this problem and he has spent the past to years putting together a pretty cool BUSINESS IN A BOX called MicroModel Business System.  Essentially what Mike Filsaime has done is put together products within several EVERGREEN NICHES for you.

    What I like about this is that as evergreen as the internet marketing niche is, not everyone wants to have products that just within that niche so Mike Filsaime has wisely made sure to have products from within other evergreen niches as well.

    Not only do those that purchase Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System get 2 already created evergreen niche products each and every month but they get a sales page that has sales copy that converts the traffic to your site into BUYERS.  

    He has also put together the Shopping Cart system and even taken care of putting together everything related into you getting affiliates that will promote your products.  However as good as this system is there is a downside to it which is if you buy Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System then you have got to worry about competing with all of the other people that have purchased this as well.

    Now here is the thing and this may come as a shock to you but most of the people who buy this are going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with this product.  Seriously believe it or not there are going to be people who purchase this product that will not do ANYTHING at all to get affiliates or any other attempt to promote their product.

    I really can’t stress that fact enough.  Do you know what percentage of people that will actually TAKE ACTION and make an honest attempt promoting their product by not only getting affiliates to send traffic to their product but actually take the initiative to get traffic to their products as well by doing simple things such as setting up a Facebook Fanpage, Creating a Twitter account, and maybe doing other things such as PPC and Facebook Ads, etc.?

    Maybe 3% to 5% of those that purchase Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System will actually really make an attempt at putting what is most likely the best chance they will ever have at getting started in several profitable niches as a product creator and actually making a full time income online as an internet marketer.

    Don’t mistake the products within the MicroModel Business System as being some CHEAP PLR products that you have most likely come across in the past as these are actually top quality products with proven and effective sales copy that will actually convert your traffic into buyers.

    Bottom line those that get the MicroModel Business System need to worry about ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY and that is TRAFFIC!  Trust me on this just having to worry about sending traffic to your product eliminates a lot of the headaches and learning curves that you would normally have to go through when first putting together a product and not only do you get these already created products, sales copy, etc. but Mike Filsaime also covers how to go about getting traffic to your products.

    So essentially all you need to do is make suret that you TAKE ACTION, TAKE ACTION, and TAKE MORE ACTION so that you are one of the few who actually attains financial independence as an internet marketer.

    So even though this is not a flawless system and there will be several who buy Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System and fail it will most likely be because they put in little to no effort into making this successful at all rather than the few who are wise enough to take action.

    Something else that I really like about this offer is that you can try it out for 14 days at literally NO COST to see if it is the direction you are wanting to go with your internet marketing business.  If for some reason you don’t like it then all you have to do is cancel.  So if you have been struggling to make a consistent income online and have had little to no success and you are ready to actually put in effort each and every day getting affiliates and sending other traffic to your offers then I highly recommend trying out Mike Filsaime’s MicroModel Business System.

    If you decide to get Mike Filsaimes Micro Model Business System then I encourage you to watch this LIFE CHANGING VIDEO as well:

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