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  • Michael Jones and Paul Green’s Instant Traffic Robot Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on July 27th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Michael Jones and Paul Green’s Instant Traffic Robot Software if you are looking for the Official site it is located at:

    Michael Jones and Paul Green’s Instant Traffic Robot Review

    Paul Green's Instant Traffic Robot Review Warrior Forum

    If you are an internet marketer then you know how important it is to get traffic to your website.  So I heard that an internet marketer by the name of Paul Green was going to be launching a product that would get instant traffic.  Then I noticed Micheal Jones was also part of this Instant Traffic Robot launch and I immediately knew that I was in for treat and that this software was most likely not going to be very good.

    Now you may be wondering who is Michael Jones? Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!

    Okay sorry I couldn’t help it!  Anyways basically he is an internet marketer who had some very good product launches some years back and then apparently decided to just start releasing CRAPPY PRODUCTS and he certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to creating a crappy product with this product launch either.

    So you are most likely also wondering at this point why is this Instant Traffic Robot such a crappy product?  Because this SUPPOSED traffic pulling software is a WordPress Plugin that lets you post content automatically with the content that it pulls from places such as RSS feeds, Youtube, Article Directories, etc.

    Talk about a product that has been done a thousand times and then some.  Trust me when I say this you are not going to get Instant Traffic with this software.  I can tell you this DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON Instant Traffic Robot!

    In addition to this SUPPOSED traffic money making software you will also get your basic internet marketing training etc.


    • You get a wordpress plugin that pulls content from the internet so you don’t have to write (you most likely already have a similar plugin like this from some other IM product you have purchased in the past)
    • Instant Traffic Robot is sold through Clickbank so you can feel confident in knowing that you can get a refund when you realize you should have listened to me and not purchased this product


    • You got conned by Michael Jones and Paul Green
    • You are not going to get the TRAFFIC that this software is supposed to generate for your site


    If you are wanting traffic for your site it is best that you stick with SEO, Article Marketing, and other forms of paid advertising such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Media Buying, etc.  If you were recommend Paul Green’s Instant Traffic Robot by a supposed IM guru then you should seriously consider unsubscribing from their list because they obviously were more concerned with earning a commission check than you wasting your hard earned money on a product like this!

    If you are not getting the traffic to your website that you would like then you should consider using one of these products below:

    The Best SEO product on the market is: Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s  Bring The Fresh

    The Best Facebook product on the market in my opinion is a tie between Imran Naseem’s Fanpage Dollars 3.0 and Paul Ponna’s Income Hybrid software they are both good so take your pick.

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