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  • Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson’s Click Conspiracy Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on August 9th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson’s Click Conspiracy product if you are looking for the Official Click Conspiracy site CLICK HERE!

    Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson Click Conspiracy Review

    Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson's Click Conspiracy Review Warrior Forum

    I was given a review copy of the Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson Click Conspiracy product and I have too say that this is a VERY GOOD product, basically it is a WP plugin or actually they give you several WP plugins that will help you get your site ranked number 1 in the search engines as well as help you start building a list and making money online.  I have said this time and again “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST” I can say for a fact that the reason the internet marketers who are successful online are as successful as they are is because they built themselves a targeted list that they can send offers too.

    I don’t care what niche they are in they have a list.  So now back to my review on Click Conspiracy, basically you are getting a very cool WP plugins that help you rank for a search term as well as get a mailing list built that you can send your offers too.

    I can only say this product is powerful I am being as honest as can be and I will try and be thorough with this review but you literally get a MASSIVE AMOUNT of both informational content as well as just very powerful plugins with this product.  So much that I really don’t feel like typing it all out but as I said I will try and be as detailed as possible.

    The Software that is included within Click Conspiracy is divided into 3 sections they are Click Conspiracy, Arbitrage Conspiracy, WP Conspiracy:

    The first section which is called Click Conspiracy consist of the following:

    The First WP Plugin allows you to use the power of Pixelpipe if you not familiar with PixelPipe then visit: Official PixelPipe Website to learn more about it.

    Now if you don’t already have a Pixel Pipe account you will need to either create one yourself or outsource it for $5 (yes they show you how to)

    The Second Click Conspiracy software plugin helps you create Highly Keyword optimized sites for the search engines as well as present sales pages that convert once your visitors reach your website!  Essentially you create a WordPress post that is totally Keyword optimized so that Google Ranks you for your keywords and then you can SWAP your page with 4 different options such as another page with whatever it is you are offering (obviously you would want it to be within whatever niche you were trying to get ranked for but it won’t have to look as awkward as it sometimes does when you are trying to fit keywords in your article or post and convert that traffic into sales), your own HTML creation, any URL that you choose to SWAP your page for it could even be the landing page of the offer you are promoting (although I probably wouldn’t do that since you will want to use another of the plugins this comes with to collect leads), or you can use another post on your site!

    This is very cool and I am already thinking of ways to use this Click Conspiracy plugin on some of my sites.

    The WP Conspiracy Section comes with a plugin called List Eruption:

    This product also comes with a plugin called List Eruption, which makes it VERY VERY easy to setup a sign up form, themes for your squeeze page or you can customize your own, social media referrals such as Facebook and Twitter, rewards for referring your squeeze page.

    It also even includes a BONUS Reminder tab where it will remind your subscriber to refer more people so that they can reach their next BONUS level to get more rewards etc.

    This comes with 11 video’s that go over how to download the Click Conspiracy List Eruption plugin as well as a basic overview of all of its features.  Then each video goes into detail on how to utilize each section of this plugin!

    This section also has within it a 19 Page PDF Training Manual as well so as you can probably tell this comes with plenty of training on how to set this very easy to use plugin up and get running as fast as possible!

    The Third Section is called Arbitrage Conspiracy:

    Now I was not able to download this plugin but I did see the video’s of it and it consist of Link scrapers that allow you to find places to have your links posted as well as several other features that are AWESOME!  Now without being able to download it myself I rather not go into much detail as I can only say what it includes from watching the video within the section that shows the features of it!

    Traffic Conspiracy –

    This once again has 3 sections they are CPA Conspiracy, FB Conspiracy, Tube Conspiracy

    CPA Conspiracy – is FREAKING AWESOME if you have been scared of CPA Marketing after watching these training video’s you will think about CPA marketing in a whole new way and you will not be as intimidated by it including how to get approved, making money with CPA marketing, etc.  He shows you a very cool method he came across by accident and you can actually start making money with this method within 48 hours NO KIDDING, and actually you may be able to do it even soon!  This also comes with a very cool PDF!

    Once again if you have EVER been intimidated by CPA marketing you are going to LOVE THIS!  He literally will explain CPA marketing in very easy to understand laymans terms, how to sign up, get approved, etc.

    FB Conspiracy – Tim Atkinson shows you how he makes money himself everyday advertising on Facebook and where to get COUPONS so that you can advertise on FB, the training is thorough and anyone who knows anything about Facebook knows that Tim Atkinson is considered one of the leading authorities on how to make money on Facebook!

    Tube Conspiracy – This comes with the Tube Spy software and shows you a very unique way to use this Youtube Conspiracy Tactic as well as how to AUTOMATE this tactic!

    Coaching – This is probably an upsell and as much as I love this product I am not a fan of Coaching upsells and I really don’t ever recommend them!

    Syndicate Information – I have not been able to use this section yet so I can’t comment on it.

    Affiliate Conspiracy- I am not sure what this is, it could be a bonus I am not sure since I there was really nothing in this section at the time of me being able to review it!

    Click Conspiracy Pro’s


    • Multiple Softwares that you can use to help you with your SEO, Getting Traffic, Backlinks, as well as building a list.
    • Reveals several ways to start earning money online
    • Literally a TON of content I really can’t see how anyone can complain about this product!
    • Very throrough training for each part of the Click Conspiracy product!

    Con’s –

    The only thing I can think of is that this product contains so much information it could be overwhelming I know it was for me just trying to figure out how to type this review and not make it too long!


    BUY Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson’s Click Conspiracy it is easily worth every penny you spend on it.  I would honestly recommend that you devote 1 FULL DAY to going over everything because they include so much information within this product I am just simple AMAZED it is by far one of the best products of 2011 I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!  As I have said I was given a review copy so I am not sure if some of this is included within the Upsell’s or if it all just comes with the product itself.  I would imagine the latter.  Either way it is well worth buying!

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