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    Posted on August 23rd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Matt Markus and Frank Lucas Mobile Money Machines Review


    Matt Markus and Frank Lucas Mobile Money Machines Review Warrior Forum

    There is quite a bit of money to be made doing MOBILE MARKETING this is because you are very unlikely to find someone who will go a day without checking their phone at least once a day at the very minimum and if you have an enticing enough offer it is very likely that a fair amount of people will go for the offer!

    That is where Matt Markus and Frank Lucas Mobile Money Machines product comes in to play.  Essentially Mobile Money Machines gives you a software that allows you to create professional quality mobile landing pages that will give you the ability to capture your mobile site visitors number just like you would do by making an offer to get someones email address when they visit a more traditonal internet marketing squeeze page.

    This will then allow you to build yourself a list of PHONE NUMBERS that you can market too through their mobile phone!  There is a catch though it will more often than not cost you money to get traffic coming to your mobile landing page for you to be able to collect those mobile phone numbers!

    Initially you are going to have to get your traffic through PPA or Pay Per Ad in order to build your list of phone numbers however once you begin building your list of mobile phone numbers then you can start participating in Mobile AD SWAPS with other mobile marketers in order to help build each others phone list.

    Over all Matt Markus and Frank Lucas Mobile Money Machines product is pretty good the mobile site building software works well and the training material is pretty good.  However despite this being a good product I would recommend internet marketers that are not making money online not get this product until they start earning a consistent income online and after having started to build yourself a mailing list in whatever niche you are in at the moment!

    Now if you are earning a decent income online and have already started to build yourself a mailing list then you should certainly look into investing in this product since there really is a lot of money to be made with mobile marketing.  But as I said this is only if you are at least bringing in some money from your internet marketing business.

    The main reason I say to wait until you are earning some money before getting Mobile Money Machines is because TO GET TRAFFIC TO YOUR MOBILE LANDING PAGE YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO USE PPA ADS!  PPA Ads cost you even more money on top of what you paid for this product!

    However that is not to say that you can’t make money doing this if you are not making money online at the moment , so please don’t get me wrong because I am sure there are plenty of people who will have no experience in internet marketing whatsoever that are going to do just fine after using this product but personally I think that going the more traditional way of internet marketing of building a niche site and building yourself a mailing list is much more easier and less expensive than getting started with the mobile marketing niche.

    Pro’s –

    • There is a lot of money to be made with mobile marketing
    • Perfect for someone who is already making money online and is looking for another way to earn even more money online.
    • The software and training material are very good and make getting started with mobile marketing much very easy for the most part.

    Con’s –

    You are going to have to use PPA Ads to start driving traffic to your mobile landing page, which means you are going to have to spend more money on top of what you spent on the Mobile Money Machine product.


    At some point in time if you are an internet marketer it would be wise to get started in the mobile marketing niche because of how often the average person uses their phone and the fact that it is yet another proven way to make money.

    However, I think someone who is struggling to build a mailing list within whatever niche they are in should continue to focus on increasing traffic to their website and landing page in order to increase their mailing list which will lead to earning bigger profits before they try to get started with mobile marketing.

    If you have a decent mailing list and money coming in each month consistently then you should consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and get started with mobile marketing in order to add another stream of income into your cashflow then Mobile Money Machines is definitely a product you should consider getting if you are ready to get started with mobile marketing!

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