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  • Matt Benwell’s Covert Cash Conspiracy Review

    Posted on October 19th, 2010 Tim No comments

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    This an HONEST REVIEW of Matt Benwells Covert Cash Conspiracy Product

    Matt Benwell is an internet marketer from the United Kingdom, he went from basically being broke to making himself quite a bit of money as an affiliate marketer. Matt Benwell claims that with his Covert Cash Conspiracy product, he will show you the exact system that he used to become a successful internet marketer.

    I have reviewed some his products before such as Zero Cost Commisions, which that particular product I thought was a very effective way to make money online without having to spend money (Please Note that I have reviewed this product at this site, and while I liked it, I thought it was way overpriced at $47). Matt Benwell has put out some other very good products that I liked as well, so I thought I should give his Covert Cash Conspiracy a chance.

    I purchased the product and began looking it over, here is what you will get when you purchase Covert Cash Conspiracy.

    Before I begin please note that I did not purchase any up sells.

    You get a 66 page PDF ebook that explains how to do:

    Market Discovery

    Keyword Research

    Initial Market Testing

    How To Write Great Ad Copy

    How To Set Up Your Sales Medium

    Customize Your Sales Medium

    How To Implement Graphics

    Paid Traffic Methods

    Free Traffic Methods

    How To Increase Your Conversions

    List Building Secrets

    Content “Sorcery”

    The 4 Rules of Marketing

    BONUS Matt Benwell Products

    Zero Cost Profits (The Original & Still The Best Way To Make 6 Figure Cash Online With No Money Down)

    QuickFire Profits (8 Proven Ways To Make Quick INSANE Cash Online)

    Super Speed Wealth (Everything Done For You… Just Plug It In & Profit!)

    Just those 3 BONUS PRODUCTS are worth $319 alone

    NEGATIVES of Covert Cash Conspiracy

    The product is pretty much an ebook

    If you have been in the affiliate marketing business for a while there is a good chance that you already know what he is teaching in this product.

    POSITIVES of Covert Cash Conspiracy

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, then this product is perfect for you. Matt Benwell explains how to easily begin making money as an affiliate marketer. The reason I know that what he is saying is true is because what he says to do in Covert Cash Conspiracy is pretty much how I started making money as an affiliate marketer.

    The UNANNOUNCED BONUS PRODUCTS, Matt Benwell gives you 3 of his products that he is still selling today. With just the Super Speed Wealth product alone you will be able to plug in and start profiting in several different niches such as quit smoking, dog training, guitar playing, world of warcraft, cure acne, weight loss, etc.

    He even shows you how to set up an auto responder, and provides you the emails that you can put into your auto responder that advertises a product within your chosen niche, how to set up you site, etc.

    Basically all you have to do is follow his instructions and don’t forget this is just the BONUS PRODUCT that I am talking about.


    I really liked Covert Cash Conspiracy, it gets straight to the point of how to start making money online. The bonus products are amazing and I am not sure why he didn’t mention that he was including these bonus products. I have to rank this as one of the best products for its price that I have seen in quite a while.

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