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  • Nigel Richards Mass Profit Formula Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on July 5th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Nigel Richards Mass Profit Formula product if you are looking for his official site CLICK HERE!

    Nigel Richards Mass Profit Formula Review


    Nigel Richards Mass Profit Formula Review Warrior Forum

    Essentially the main product that is being promoted is a software that will let you search Clickbank, Plimus, Amazon, etc. for products that are selling well.  Along with the Mass Profit Formula software you will get some training material on how to setup your keyword rich domains as well as some SEO training.

    There are several Upsells after you make your purchase of Mass Profit Formula.

    The Upsells are:

    Upsell 1 – MPF Mentoring Program which is priced at $297 personally I would recommend staying away from just about any coaching offer with just about any product unless you are getting coached by the product creator themselves.  This is because it is usually outsourced to another company and it is kind of hit or miss whether or not you will get your money’s worth on the coaching.  PLEASE NOTE I am not saying that they are doing that with this offer as I really do not know but very often that is the case.

    Upsell 2– Auto Traffic Suite which is priced at $97 now without having purchased this upsell I cannot honestly say what this is however I would imagine that it is most likely a plugin for your site that will help increase your traffic by providing backlinks or something else along those lines but as I said this is only a guess.

    Upsell 3– Cash Clone Campaign which is priced at $67 a month this is a monthly report of researched products that will allow you to basically copy and paste his already researched campaigns.  This may be worth it for some people who are either wanting to save time on research or are wanting to play it a bit more safe when running a campaign.  Now at the price he is a charging for this upsell I would hope that it better be pretty good and also that it would produce money making results as I can’t see too many people allowing themselves to get billed $67 each month and not making any money with it.


    • Mass Profit Formula will definitely make it easier for someone who is new to internet marketing to get faster results as it will save them time doing research.
    • The software works very well and essentially does what it was intended to do.
    • It doesn’t just focus on Clickbank products only.  Now don’t get me wrong I love Clickbank products but a lot of  internet marketers in general especially those that are new to internet marketing avoid selling physical products and the fact is there is a lot of money to be made selling them.  Trust me I didn’t sell them for a very long time and it cost me some money.


    • While this software will certainly help you save time on keyword research and quite possibly even money by helping you with your SEO which brings more traffic to your site which then creates more chances for you to make affiliate sales, you are most likely not going to make $3,000 or even $2,000 in one day because you used this software.
    • The software is good but more experienced internet marketers do not really need the Mass Profit Formula software other than perhaps helping them save some time on their research.


    Mass Profit Formula is a good software that will help you do research not to mention you can do it all from the software without having to go to Clickbank and then over to Plimus etc. if you are new to internet mareting then I highly recommend that you consider purchasing it as it will help you out a lot however if you are an experienced IM then you should really only consider getting it as more of a luxury kind of purchase that will help you save some research time so that you can focus on other task such as backlinks, article writing, etc.

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