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  • Mark Shpuntov Edu and Gov Backlinks Goldmine Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on August 27th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Mark Shpuntov .Edu and .Gov Backlinks Goldmine Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    .Edu and .Gov Backlinks Goldmine Warrior Special Offer Review

    Edu and Gov Backlinks Goldmine WSO Review

    .Edu and .Gov backlinks are not exactly the easiest to get at least if you don’t know what you are doing.  Mark way OVER DELIVERS with his Edu and Gov Backlinks Goldmine WSO, seriously this is MASSIVE especially considering that this is about building backlinks.

    Mark Shpuntov does a good job explaining why getting these .Edu and .Gov backlinks is so important and then he goes into all kinds of ways that you can get these backlinks and I can’t stress enough how HIGH QUALITY these backlinks he shows you how to get are.

    Seriously the potential of making money with these backlinks is awesome.  First of all if you use these .Edu and .Gov backlinks for your site you are going to get ranked higher in the search engines which means you are going to have more traffic to your site which means if you website is done well you are going to make more money from the traffic alone.

    Then you can easily start making money by posting a gig on Fiverr offering to build 5 to 10 .Edu and .Gov backlinks to someones site.  Even better yet offer to share with the person who purchases your gig both a .Edu and .Gov site each where they can build a backlink from to their own sites.

    I know a guy who made some very easy money just offering 1 .Edu website alone where people could create a profile and build their own backlinks!  So there is a lot of potential doing that.

    Then you get these BONUSES:

    Bonus 1: A List of 10 Do Follow .Edu Wiki Sites – Actually Mark once again over delivers with this because instead of giving you just 10 Do Follow .Edu wiki sites he list 17.  So right away you can start building 17 Do Follow .Edu Wiki site backlinks to your websites.

    Bonus 2: A List of 10 DoFollow .EDU Blogs Sites – Once again instead of 10 of these sites he list 11 .Edu DoFollow .Edu Blogs sites you can build backlinks from to your sites.  You can literally just click the link right from the ebook and go right to the site and get started!

    Bonus 3: How To Get Unlimited Free Links Forever- With this Bonus he gives you a TON of search strings that you can pretty much copy paste and start searching for sites to post your High PR backlinks from.  This alone is once again worth the price of the .Edu and .Gov Backlinks Goldmine Warrior Special Offer because you won’t have to purchase those backlink packages anymore.  Actually I would suggest that you create your own backlinks package and sell it for a low price such as $5 to $7 and build yourself a nice customer base of repeat buyers!

    Bonus 4:  High PR Backlinks Storm – This is pretty cool, although it is a bit hard to explain briefly but I will try essentially he gives you access to place that was once a $97 Membership site.  This place will help you even more with your backlinking.  One of the features is a unique system of building links for other people and they build links for you, but they are non recipricol links which is good since these non recipricol links are considered to be better in the eyes of Google!

    Altogether the .Edu and .Gov Backlinks Goldmine WSO is one of the best backlinking products I have seen in a long time.  Like anything else in the world of internet marketing it will require a bit of work but in the long run it is well worth it because you are getting HIGH quality backlinks that are going to help your sites out quite a bit.  To be quite honest his .Edu List of Do Follow Sits to get backlinks from is well worth the price of the WSO itself.  As I said before if you tight on money get this WSO and then post gig on Fiverr and you will easily pay for this Warrior Special Offer very quickly!

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