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  • Mark Bishops Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on December 4th, 2014 Tim No comments

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    Mark Bishops Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review Warrior Forum

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    Mark Bishops Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Warrior Forum Review

    Mark Bishops Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Warrior Forum Review

    One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first got started in internet marketing, was that I a lot of times did work for the sake of doing work, rather than working smart.

    I would go to work all day, and then when I got home I’d work on my internet business well into the night, and in turn only got about 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night. I also spent far too much time working instead of spending quality time with my family. Now it ended up paying off, and I have a successful 6 figure internet business and I have plenty of time to spend with my family, but I have no doubt that I could have built up my business doing a whole lot less work.

    For instance early on I was too cheap to spend money on an auto responder and start building up myself a targeted mailing list. You have no idea how much money this cost me. You see when you have a mailing list you can sell to those people over and over and over again, especially if you build up a relationship with your list.

    So what does all of this have to do with Mark Bishops Lazy Affiliate 2.0 product?

    A lot actually… The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 product reveals a very simple step by step system that takes about 2 hours to setup and it will make you money pretty much on autopilot afterwards. The system basically shows you how to pick a good niche to get into, then setup a squeeze page which he provides for you and even includes instructions on how to set it all up, and then shows you how to create press releases the right way, so that you can start getting traffic to your websites both via the press release and through the SEO boost your site will get from the press releases as well.

    Once the traffic comes in you’ll start building up a list and sending them to your presell landing pages which help set up an initial sale, and of course since you’ve built up your list, you’ll be able to sell to those people over and over and over again.

    This is actually really simple and easy to do, and of course the more often you do it the better you’re going to get at it and the more money you’re going to make. This is a numbers game, if you create 20 press releases that make you an average of $50 to $100 dollars, then you’ll be able to an extra $1000 to $2000 a month.

    And of course if you create 50 press releases you’d be earning an extra $2500 to $5000 a month. So ultimately it comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put into it, but I can assure you that what he teaches in this product WORKS! I know it does because I’ve used this plenty of times myself, so trust me if you’re looking for an easy way to start building a mailing list in pretty much ANY niche, this is a product you should buy, go through, and implement!

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