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  • London Paladins Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on September 30th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    London Paladins Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

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    London Paladins Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer Review

    One of the most overlooked ways of getting started making money online is the OFFLINE MARKETING NICHE.  Believe it or not there are a TON of small business owners who have no idea on how to put a website up or even how to have ANY sort of online presence whatsoever.

    Often times these small business owners depending upon region are willing to pay quite a bit of money to get more online exposure including paying you to setup or just run their website.  However most internet marketers are intimidated about having to contact small business owners to land them as clients.  This is certainly understandable as I am not very fond of doing this either.

    I actually landed my first offline client by just having a conversation with a small business owner one day and some how the conversation turned to them needing a website and I essentially told them it was pretty easy to set up and that they should just sit down and do it so that they could increase their business.

    Well they then asked me how much I would charge to set a site up for them and just like that I landed me a client and to be quite honest I really wasn’t even trying as I earn a nice income already online and really wasn’t looking to get into expanding my internet business into the offline world.  Anyways I gave them a number which was actually pretty low (Remember I wasn’t trying to land me a client, I was just trying to help a small business owner out by setting up their site so my main concern wasn’t turning a huge profit.) After setting up their site and autoresponder, etc. they asked it I would be willing to maintain it as well.  Well my time is valuable so I told them I would be willing to do that but I would have to charge a higher fee and they were more than happy to give me my asking price.

    Eventually they told another small business owner friend and before I knew it I had quite a few small business owner clients who’s sites and autoresponders I maintained.  I have actually since then had to turn away other potential clients as I rather focus most of my efforts on expanding my online business.  But hopefully you will learn 2 things from this and they are:

    1.  Landing a small business client isn’t as hard as you may think
    2.  What may help you the most is actually trying but not trying (Hopefully this makes sense, sometimes we want to succeed so bad that we come off as a sleazy desperate salesman just trying to get a sell.  Rather than actually caring about helping out your potential client)

    So here is the thing if you are wanting to get into offline marketing but you have no clue whatsoever on how to get a lead for a potential client or you just don’t feel comfortable approaching potential clients then you absolutely need London Paladins Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer as it will help you do just that.

    Even if you have no problem landing clients or approaching them, you still should get this as it is going to significantly increase your clients.  Essentially what you are going to get is PROVEN ADS THAT WILL CONVERT and all you have to do is edit them (VERY EASY) and then POST THEM where London Paladin tells you too and within the next 2 weeks I assure you that you will have landed yourself at least 1 if not more PAYING CLIENTS.

    Here is the thing you may be a bit skeptical about this because it sounds just to easy.  But let me tell you why this works.

    1. London Paladin payed a $10,000 dollars a top of the line copywriter to put these together (If you are not familiar with copywriting, then let me tell you this alone makes the difference between failure and SUCCESS.) Here is how big of a difference that an experienced copywriter can make in your success. Encyclopedia Britannica replaced an empty question with a headline that started with the word “Get,” which resulted in their conversion rates increasing by 103%.  Seriously that is all they changed and it resulted in that big of an increase.

    So do not doubt how much a difference having a HIGH DOLLAR COPYWRITER can make in your actually landing clients.

    2. The Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer tells you EXACTLY where to post your ads at so all you then have to do is actually post them after making some VERY EASY edits to these proven ads.

    3. This is so SIMPLE!  Yes because of this being so simple to do is going to help you because it isn’t too complicated and overwhelming.  Which means you are more likely to TAKE ACTION and as long as you take action, you should have no problem actually having success with it.

    4. The clients will be coming to you (Kind of like most of mine came to me) which means you won’t have to worry about selling to them or convincing them that they need you as they already know they need your services.  Once again this seems so minute that it wouldn’t matter but trust me it makes a world of difference.  Put yourself in a small business owners position.  Lets say your have a site but it isn’t getting any traffic which means it is about as good as not having any site whatsoever. (Now you can alter your services so don’t think that you have to just offer SEO services but lets just use this as an example)

    So you know you need help in regards to SEO and that you are going to have to hire someone to do it for you.  Who would you hire the guy that calls your store or stops in your store every other week, who pretty much appears that he may not be that good or else he wouldn’t be so desperate to land you as a client or the ad you came across that looked professional and more importantly they are not appearing desperate which must mean that they are PROFESSIONAL and IN HIGH DEMAND (Which must mean they are one of the best) because, hey they’re not constantly trying to land you as a client.

    I know who I would go with and I am sure you do too.  So bottom line if you are planning on getting into offline marketing or you already are then I highly recommend that you consider getting London Paladins Flyer Domination Warrior Special Offer as you are not going to find a much SIMPLER way of landing paying clients that actually come to you asking you to help them.


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