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  • List Building Firestorm Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on November 1st, 2011 Tim No comments

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    List Building Firestorm Warrior Special Offer Review

    List Building Firestorm Warrior Spcial Offer Review

    I can not stress enough that building a list is a MUST for internet marketing success.  A while back the in thing to do was show these MASSIVE Clickbank sales to promote a product online.  However pretty soon people caught on that these were Vendor accounts actually being sold and started complaining so Clickbank stopped allowing marketers to show their Vendor accounts as if they were Affiliate Sales on their Sales Pages for whatever product they were selling.

    So guess what they did they just started showing their Affiliate Sales instead using a line like,” This software made me $21,456.72 in only 29 days!  Imagine what you could do with that kind of money!”

    Well they really did make those kind of sales as an affiliate so Clickbank would let them use that kind of sales tactic however what they left out is they made those kind of AFFILIATE SALES with their already HUGE TARGETED MAILING LIST not with their crappy software that supposedly cost them $500,000 to make and for some reason they felt really generous and decided to sell the worthless article submitting software to you for ONLY $47.

    So if you want to start making the money the “Internet Marketing Guru’s” are making then you absolutely with out a doubt need to start building yourself a list even a small list is going to make you a decent amount of money.  So yeah that is the real secret to MAKING A LIVING AS AN INTERNET MARKETER!

    You can have the best SEO, Sales Copy, and whatever else you have been taught but without a list you will never ever have the success of the BIG internet marketing guru’s.  However most people have no idea where to start when it comes to List Building so that leads me up to my review of the List Building Firestorm Warrior Special Offer which you will learn:


    • The foundations of list building (This is where most courses stop)
    • Squeeze Page Secrets
    • Email Copy Writing
    • Email Sequences
    • Creating Viral Reports
    • One Time Offers, Upsells and Downsells
    • Advanced Traffic Techniques (List Building)
    • Advanced Traffic Techniques (On Page)
    • Advanced Traffic Techniques (Off Page)
    • Promoting Products and Services
    • 60 Day Checklist For Success


    1. 3 PLR Rights Products that you can sell or give away to build your list
    2. Proven to convert Squeeze Pages
    3. Complete “Ready Made” Internet Marketing 25 Email Autoresponder Series

    A VERY SPECIAL BONUS:  Traffic Travis Pro Version 4.0 (which is a $97 Value) I use Traffic Travis along with the Market Samurai software just about everyday and it is well worth the price of the List Building Firestorm WSO.  Each module takes you through just about everything you are going to need to do to start having success with building your list and YES IT DOES REQUIRE A BIT OF WORK!

    However with that said making money online is going to require a bit of work no matter what even after you start making enough money that you no longer have to set your alarm in the morning, just not near as much work and you do it on your time and when you feel like it not when your boss tells you too!

    To be honest I started trying to build my mailing list and I had no idea what I was doing I kept hearing BUILD A LIST or THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST but I had no idea how to start building one and through trial and error I was able to slowly but surely build my list and I will tell you this MY LIST MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!  I do my best to take care of my list and only give them my best and if you are wise you will do the same with your list!

    The List Building Firestorm Warrior Special Offer is definitely one of the BEST Warrior Special Offers I have seen on the subject of building a mailing list and aside from that it definitely gives you plenty of tools to help you succeed with the knowledge that they give you within this WSO.

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