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  • Kensters Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on November 2nd, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOIt's OFFICIAL the Rich Jerk 2.0 has my Vote for the BEST Internet Marketing Product of 2016!

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    Kenster’s Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer Review

    Kenster's Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer Review

    One of the most well known internet marketers when it comes to CPA marketing is Kenster seriuosly, so when he puts out a Warrior Special Offer showing how to start make a TON of money with his Offline Dragon WSO you should definitely listen.  I have gone through about half of this WSO which is actually 91 pages long and I find myself constantly taking notes and wondering to myself why I never thought of half of the ways he comes up with making money.

    Here is what sets Kensters Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer apart from your usual WSO is that he not only shows you methods of making money online but he actually does a very good job of making you a better overall internet marketer by showing how he comes up with an idea, how he thinks, how he faces challenges, etc.

    This means that not only do you learn these AWESOME MONEY MAKING METHODS within Kensters Offline Dragon WSO but you also are going to be able to utilize his way of thinking to be able to come up with your own idea’s as well as how to face any challenges that may come up sometime either now or in the future.

    Alright so you have probably gotten the point of how cool Kenster is and you are wondering what in the heck is this Offline Dragon WSO of his, so basically two of the most asked questions that Kenster gets are:

    1. How did you first start making money online?
    2. What is one of the most untapped traffic opportunities to make money?

    So he does exactly just that and as he mentions in this WSO that when he first got started in the world of Internet Marketing his main focus was on the lucrative world of CPA marketing. Now at first he tried to make money with CPA marketing using online traffic however as you have most likely found out the online competition can be VERY TOUGH and it didn’t take long for Kenster to start losing money so that is when he turned to trying to earn money using Offline Marketing tactics to get traffic such as passing out flyers on car windshields, at apartment complexes, at transportation hubs and various other places and guess what it worked!

    Now as Kenster mentions in the Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer it does take some work however if you do what Kenster says you are also going to see that using Offline Marketing tactics to start earning money online is one of the MOST UNTAPPED ways and yet one of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to start earning quite possibly 4 FIGURES in a weekend.  Yeah I know that it may sound like I am over hyping the Offline Dragon WSO but I assure you that I am not THIS DOES WORK the question is ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT IN THE WORK?

    Because if you are willing to put in the work then I have very little doubt that you will make some money with this WSO.  Because as I mentioned earlier not only does Kenster teach you some VERY EFFECTIVE ways of earning money online he also will teach the right mindset that you should have in order to be successful as an internet marketer.

    Something I do want to stress is that when most people hear the term Offline Marketing the first thought that comes to their mind is “Creating websites for offline businesses or helping them with their SEO strategies, however you are going to quickly learn that Kensters Offline Dragon WSO IS NOT ABOUT THIS TYPE OF OFFLINE MARKETING ONLY!  It is about utilizing different dynamics of offline marketing to start getting you more traffic to your offers and making a lot of money in the process as well.

    Here are some reasons that you should definitely consider using Kensters Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer offline marketing tactics:

    There is LESS COMPETION and the SAME UPSIDE POTENTIAL – As you have probably learned most products focus on only getting traffic to your sites using online tactics however you have most likely learned that some of the BIG GUYS have way more money and experience so they can usually outrank you and overall have an edge on you as far as getting visitors to their sites and offers etc.

    But when you use some of the methods that you are going to learn in this Warrior Special Offer you will be able to get way more traffic than you would have been able to get using online marketing tactics and you very well could be earning the same amount of money as those who are more experienced as internet marketers.  This doesn’t mean you can’t us online marketing tactics but if your not getting the results you want then perhaps it is time to change up how you are doing things and start using some of what Kenster reveals in this AWESOME WSO!

    A lot of the Offline Marketing Methods are FREE Or VERY INEXPENSIVE – If you are tight on money then offline marketing may require a bit more work and a little bit more of your time however you will quickly find out it cost you way less and as soon as you see this type of marketing works and you are making money then you will find that it was well worth both your time and effort.

    Offline Marketing Requires WAY LESS Technical Skills – If you are not the most computer savvy person then you are definitely going to love using the power of offline marketing because obviously you are not going to have to learn all of the techical skills that are sometimes required and that can become very frustrating for some.

    Diversify Your Risk – This is actually one of the best reasons to start using Offline Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy no matter whether you are having success online or not.  We all know about the “Slap” or the more recent “Panda” which has affected some of my sites and several of my friends sites which means if you are earning money online you could very well wake up one day and notice a signifant drop in your search engine rankings and income however if you had been using the offline marketing techniques that Kenster teaches you would have very little to worry about because you could rely on the offline marketing income to supplement any losses until you get things straightened out.

    Now trust me there are way more reasons and actually Kenster goes over them all in his Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer but I think you get the point as far as this review goes.

    Alright so here is what you get in Kensters Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer:

    1 PDF 91 page Ebook

    1 PDF 91 page Prinatable Ebook

    1 PDF 11 page Ebook called Sub Affiliate Madness

    I hope this gives you a better idea of what Kensters Offline Dragon Warrior Special Offer is and why I like it so much.

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