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  • Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on March 26th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer!

    Bring The Fresh Warrior Forum Review

    I will never forget the day I came across the Rich Jerk website, I was really struggling financially and I was searching around for ways to make money.  So needless to say somehow I came across a site that had an obnoxious RICH JERK who was bragging about how much money he made etc.

    I was actually a bit offended by his arrogance yet intrigued because of how he told me if I didn’t like his bragging and abrasive style that I should just leave and that he didn’t need my business.  Oddly it worked I ended up purchasing the Rich Jerk product which just so happened to be the very first internet marketing product that I ever purchased.

    Well the product was wonderful, but like most people, I did absolutely nothing with it.  Several years later as I started to get back into internet marketing and actually started making a bit of income online I came across Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh and I instantly purchased it and started making adjustments to what I was doing and my income DOUBLED and has continue to grow.

    Whenever I have needed internet marketing advice all I had to do was get a hold of Kelly Felix or Mike Long and they were there to give me some their PRICELESS INTERNET MARKETING WISDOM and that is what separates Bring The Fresh from all of the other internet marketing products on the market.

    Whenever a family member or a friend has asked me how they too could get started making money as an internet marketer without hesitation the very first recommendation I would make is Bring The Fresh!

    I am being 100% HONEST when I say this and that is if you purchase Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer then there is absolutely no need to purchase any other product in order for you to start making money online.  I really can’t stress that enough.  After you start making money with what you learn from the Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer then of course you can always invest in other products that will show you how to add other pieces to your internet marketing business so that you can earn even more money but for the most part Bring The Fresh  is all that you need.

    Here is just a sample of what you will find within the Bring The Fresh 2012 Members Area:

    A Fast Start Guide pdf ebook – This is a NO FLUFF ebook that will show you how to get started making money online and FAST as the title of it states.  This includes pretty much everything that you are going to need to know including how to properly set your website up.  The BEST PART is that this guide is UPDATED REGULARLY so if there is a change in the internet marketing world then it will have how to make adjustments so that you are unaffected by it.

    Multiple Video’s – You will literally HOURS UPON HOURS of videos showing you how to do everything like Market Research, Setting Up Your Website From Beginning to End, Case Studies, NEW TECHNIQUES such as Launch Jacking, Video Jacking, Syphon Jacking, etc.

    EVEN MORE VIDEO’S – These video’s go BEHIND THE SCENES of both Kelly Felix Rich Jerk business and Mike Longs sites like this was really fascinating especially for me as I mentioned before I was a big fan of The Rich Jerk and it was pretty cool to hear all about it.

    Interview Series – These video’s are priceless if you have ever wanted to sit around and talk internet marketing with 2 INTERNET MARKETING LEGENDS then you will LOVE THIS.  Basically this is video after video of Kelly Felix and Mike Long sitting around and talking internet marketing business philosophy and as I said earlier their wisdom is PRICELESS, you are definitely going to want to have a pen and paper handy when you watch these video’s.

    Bring The Fresh Forum – This forum is like no other you will get access to both Kelly Felix and Mike Long as well as several other successful internet marketers where you can ask them for advice.  Not only that you will get to meet other internet marketers who are just getting their first start in the world of internet marketing just like you.  It is pretty cool getting to see internet marketing beginners grow together and especially watch them as they experience success and actually start earning money.

    Overall there is absolutely no other product that compares to Bring The Fresh and I can’t stress how wonderful this product is and as detailed as I made this review I am still leaving out several features that you will get from within the Bring The Fresh Members Area.  So definitely make sure to check out the Bring The Fresh Warrior Special Offer if you do not already own it.

    This is obviously getting my WSO Deal Of The Week Award:

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