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  • John Yeo’s Bloggers Paycheck Review – Detailed Examination of Course Components

    Posted on April 14th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Bloggers Paycheck Review

    Description: Blogger’s Paycheck is a series of 5 step-by-step downloadable guides that show you how to set up and make money from their blogs.


    – Volume 1: Foundation & Setting Up (65 pages): This volume covers challenges for beginners, finding your niche, designing your blog, setting up your blog, posting to your blog.

    – Volume 2: Traffic Mastery (40 pages): This volume includes information on different sources of traffic, how to track your traffic, getting links, article marketing, online communities and what to avoid when creating traffic.

    – Volume 3: Marketing Online (100 pages): The benefits of online marketing, reaching your target market, free advertising and email marketing, building an online community, search engine optimization and branding are some of the topics in this volume.

    – Volume 4: Profit & Monetisation (15 pages): This volume focuses on the selling of links and advertising on a blog.

    – Volume 5: 6-Figure Earner’s Mindset (10 pages): This one reveals John’s “18 Golden Secrets to Long Term Success” and includes practical advice on time management and maximizing your efforts.

    Who the Course is for:

    The course is suitable for those completely new to blogging and existing bloggers who want to increase their traffic and/or profit, particularly bloggers who don’t have their own product to sell.


    This is a really down-to-earth course, which is very refreshing in the arena of Internet marketing products. It offers the nuts and bolts and offers an honest picture of the work involved in using this method of blogging for profit.

    The course not only gives new bloggers the information they need to set up and start their blog, but John also covers “Challenges for Beginners” including information overload, being distracted by other opportunities, not knowing where to start and other pitfalls that new bloggers often face.

    He also offers important parting advice in the final volume that really shows how to maximize your time investment, which is particularly useful for those who may have jobs outside the home and are otherwise limited in the time they can devote to their online ventures.

    More Information: Visit Bloggers Paycheck

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