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    Posted on September 23rd, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot if you would like to go to the Official site you can find it here: Easy Profit Bot Official Site

    Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot Review


    Jimmy Kim's Easy Profit Bot Review Warrior Forum

    Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot is essentially a mixture of various tools that is supposed to help you make the process of setting up a profitable affiiate website and campaign much easier.  As with just about anytime you are going to start an internet marketing campaign you are going to need to find a profitable niche and domain and this will help you with that process as well.

    Once you have selected your niche and domain you will then use the software to also help you setup your website which takes only a bit of filling the blanks and a few simple clicks of your mouse.  Some of the information that you are going to need to provide is your hosting information and the keywords that you are going to want your website built around.  The software then puts up articles and video’s to your site.


    The Easy Profit Bot Software:

    Other Features of Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot:

    Plugins –

    Auto Profit Plugin – Basically this plugin allows you to insert your affiliate links within the content of your site.  So what you would do is select a keyword and then put the affiliate link you want for that word wherever it shows up in your websites content.

    Easy Spin Plugin –  Obviously you are going to want your content to be as unique as possible and that is what this plugin allows you do since it basically gives you the ability to spin your content so that it is unique in the eyes of Google which is supposed to help you with your search engine rankings.

    Easy ProfitBot Tools

    Keyword Research Tool – This is pretty self explanatory, it is exactly what it says a keyword research tool that will give you some related keywords to any keyword that you put in it.  Honestly not that big of a deal in my opinion, all you have to do is use the Google Keywords Tool for something like this.

    Domain Finder Tool – Basically you can use this tool to help you find domains that are available for those keywords that you have found within your niche.  Once again not a big deal.

    Easy Profit Bot Campaigns – Now this is actually pretty cool especially for someone who isn’t sure about what niche they would like to get into.  Because basically this will supply you with a TON of profitable niches that you can get started in this supplies you with ebooks and worksheets with a fair amount of analysis about each of the niches including the keywords and the number of visitors for each of the niches.  So this is definitely one of my favorite parts of this product.  Even with all of this research I would recommend doing some more yourself to increase your chance of turning a profit and faster.

    Training – As with any internet marketing product there is going to be training involved and most of it is for internet marketing beginners so someone who is more experienced internet marketer can pretty skip past this since the only reason you are probably buying this software is to make the process of setting up websites faster and more automated and not so much for the training.

    Here is a picture of just some of the BONUS Training provided within the Easy Profit Bot Members Area and I highly recommend anyone who is not making money online and who gets this product to go through this training because it is VERY GOOD!

    Easy Profit Bot Upsells and Other Tools:

    While you should have a decent amount of success with all of the training and tools provided within this product there are some other tools that I really liked as well within this product:

    Indexinator – This will basically help your website and post get indexed within the search engines much fast and I have used a tool similar to this myself.

    Link Finder Pro – I have just recently installed a tool similar to this on my website and I can tell you it makes the process of finding HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS that you can get to your websites much easier!  Basically it will find EDU and GOV backlinks and even Angela’s Backlinks as I said I have just installed a tool like this on my website so I do endorse using a tool like this to help you find backlinks.

    Here is what this tool looks like in action:

    Market Research Tool – This is actually pretty cool you can put in a keyword and find what is ranking well for that keyword how many backlinks they have and here is what my favorite part is WHERE THE BACKLINKS ARE COMING FROM!  This tool is going to come in very handy and I can tell you that I am going to be using this when I do my own research from now on that is how much I like it!



    Pro’s of Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot:

    • Simplify’s the whole process of setting up a profitable niche site
    • Adds a lot of content to your site so that you don’t have to
    • The campaigns will help make choosing a profitable niche and the research into that niche a much easier process
    • One of the better auto blog products I have seen in a while actually the OVERALL PRODUCT is the BEST I HAVE SEEN and if you are looking for a good autoblogger, customer service, training, niche research, then Easy Profit Bot would be the first product I would recommend!
    • Decent amount of training for someone that is new to internet marketing

    Con’s of Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot:

    • There are a TON of auto blogging products already on the market
    • Some of the research tools you can find anywhere on the web including my website


    Jimmy Kim’s Easy ProfitBot is a very good product and although it certainly would not be my first recommendation to someone who is new to the world of internet marketing since I firmly believe that products such as Bring The Fresh and even far less expensive products like I.M. Game Changer and Total Niche Site Takeover which can be found on the Warrior Forum for a fraction of the price and I believe can produce the same results and most likely better however both of these take a bit more work than Easy Profit Bot but at least you will be getting much better long term results out of both of these!

    However with that said there can be money made with auto blogging product such as this and I know that for a fact because I have made money using products that are not near as good as this one.  Actually I have a blog set up under a pen name that is marketing a very expensive product that I used an auto blogger to set up and I get leads and sales with that site all of the time.  If you get this product make sure to take the time and go through the training thoroughly if you are new to internet marketing or you are not making money as an internet marketer.

    So even though I firmly believe there are other products on the market that are better than this product I still do like this and if you are looking for a product that is going to reduce the amount of work that you are going to have to put in to creating and posting content on your sites as well as some very good affiliate marketing training then I highly recommend checking out Jimmy Kim’s Easy Profit Bot!  

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