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  • Jerome 007 SEO Knockout Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on January 29th, 2012 Tim No comments

    Top WSOIt's OFFICIAL the Rich Jerk 2.0 has my Vote for the BEST Internet Marketing Product of 2016!

    Jerome 007 SEO Knockout Warrior Special Offer Review

    CLICK HERE to see Jerome 007’s SEO Knockout Warrior Special Offer!

    Jerome 007 SEO Knockout Warrior Special Offer Review

    Jerome 007 has put together one of the BEST products I have seen in regards to a very important part of having success as an internet marketer and that is SEO.  When I first got interested in making moeny online by building websites I definitely overcomplicated the SEO thing and made quite a few mistakes and didn’t make much progress.

    However once I finally got the grasp of SEO I quickly learned that it isn’t very hard and that I can get my site ranked for just about any search term.  Now don’t get me wrong there are still some search terms that I am still working on trying to get to the first page but for the most part I can rank just about any site I put together.

    The beauty of it is how much money I save when I get my sites ranked for search terms that others are PAYING for.  For instance I looked up the VALUE of how much my SEO ability saves me each and every month had I paid Google, Yahoo, or Bing to rank for the terms I am ranking well for with just this site only and the number is $2,697 A MONTH!

    That is $2,697 worth of business that I am getting for pretty much at no cost other than my time and effort.  So trust me SEO is going to play a HUGE PART in your overall internet marketing success.

    Jerome 007 does an excellent job of taking a topic that can often be very dull and explains it in a way that most are going to find interesting and very easy to start putting the knowledge that they learn into action.

    Basically what Jerome 007 does is he breaks down just about every aspect of 22 of his sites 1 by 1 and what he does with each one to get it ranking on the first page of Google.  With each Case Study you will see both what he does WRONG and RIGHT so that you can avoid making some of the same mistakes that he made and do the things that he has done right to get your sites ranking more quickly.

    Here is a Screenshot where you can see how detailed he is:

    Not only does Jerome 007 do a DETAILED Case Study for each of his websites but he also gives Tips and Tricks on topics such as Link Diversity, Testing, Keyword Value, etc. so that you can better understand each and every aspect of what it takes to have SEO success.

    Jerome 007 SEO Knockout Warrior Special Offer is not only a MUST READ for internet marketing beginners but I also highly recommend it to anyone who is in the Offline Marketing niche and planning on offering SEO Services to small business owners.

    Bottom line whether you are on a tight budget or not you should have a firm grasp of SEO so that you do not have to rely on Paid Advertising to get traffic to your sites and offers and Jerome 007 SEO Knockout WSO is by far one of the best Warrior Special Offers I have seen on the subject and it will definitely save you both a lot of time and money by helping you avoid making SEO mistakes and doing things the right way so that you can get your sites ranked well in the search engines.

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