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  • Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 WSO Review

    Posted on November 20th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 WSO Review

    CLICK HERE to see Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass List Building 2.0 Warrior Special Offer!

    Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Warrior Special Offer Review

    If you know anything about internet marketing then you know that THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST!  It is something that I heard when I first got started in internet marketing and it is also something that I underestimated the power of as well.

    PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!  Seriously even now I think about how much money I essentially threw away by not focusing a portion of my internet marketing efforts on building a list.  Learn from my mistake and make sure to start building a list.

    Now there are several ways to get started building a list… Some of them are FREE and some of them cost money.  Obviously one of the best ways to start building your list especially if you are on a tight budget is going the FREE route and that is EXACTLY what Ron Douglas and Jason Parker show you how to build your list within their newest WSO Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0

    Basically what you get are several video’s of Ron Douglas breaking down every aspect on how he has built him a list that has several HUNDRED THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS!  What I especially like about the Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Warrior Special Offer is that everything he shows you can very easily be replicated by you and the BEST part is that it can be done in pretty much ANY niche.

    Many times you will see a list building WSO that shows you how to build a list, but the catch is it reveals how to do it in just one niche and that niche is usually the internet marketing niche.  Which is good if your main focus is establishing a name for yourself as an internet marketer, however to do that you usually have to be making money online in another niche.

    So needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Ron Douglas and Jason Parkers Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 WSO showed EXACTLY how to get started building a HUGE LIST in ANY niche and not just the internet marketing niche.

    Ron Douglas and Jason Parker Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Video Screenshot

    Here is just a little bit of what is covered in this Warrior Special Offer:

    Evergreen list building business mindset – I love when a internet marketing product gets into the mindset aspect as I think it is one of the most overlooked factors in being able to have internet marketing success and Ron Douglas really shows you how to approach building a list from this angle.

    Lead Funnel Interconnected Traffic Matrix – You will learn his complete LEAD FUNNEL and let me tell you I actually learned quite a bit from some of the various ways that he is not only getting leads but also from his whole lead funnel process.  I am seriously going to be able to significantly increase my online income by just applying this.  

    A PROVEN 2 Step Sales Process – Once again just some AMAZING material that is going to make me a lot of money.  I make a full time income online and I actually learned from this Warrior Special Offer, so trust me if you are earning little to know income online you will learn from this as well.

    Using Freebie Offers To Build His List – Yet another AMAZING way of using a FREEBIE offer to not only build yourself a list but make a TON of money as well.  Trust me you will LOVE this!

    The Key To A Long Term Listbuilding Success –  Yet another reason I was blown away by this WSO is that he reveals how to make your building a business from list building not just a way to earn an internet income but also how to build yourself a LIFESTYLE BUSINESS!

    Branding Yourself – Something that is so important to your internet marketing success isn’t just in building yourself a list but in also BRANDING yourself and developing a RELATIONSHIP with your list. This is something that I always try to focus on with my list no matter what niche it is in and trust me if you want to have sustained internet marketing success then you will too.
    How To Become A Lead Magnet – I think this is pretty much self descriptive.

    Traffic – Ron Douglas reveals various ways of getting traffic within this WSO and many of them are FREE but he also discusses paid forms of traffic that you can start implementing once you have money coming in from the list you have built using his FREE Traffic Methods.

    Creating An Irresistable Offer – You can have all the traffic in the world coming in but if you don’t know how to convert that traffic into leads it is essentially worthless.  That is why it is so  important to learn how to create an irresistable offer that is well… Irresistable, so that they give you their Name and Email address.  Ron Douglas also covers this aspect of listbuilding within this WSO.

    Monetization – Ultimately you are trying to build a list so that you can make money and Ron Douglas covers all the aspects of how you can make money with your list and EXACTLY how to go about doing it so that you get the BEST results possible.

    UNANNOUNCED BONUSES – I always love to see that a product adds BONUSES that complement their offer, so I was very happy to see that the Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Warrior Special Offer does just that.

    Here are the UNANNOUNCED BONUSES that you will get for FREE in addition to this WSO:

    • Bonus Group Coaching Session
    • Mass Free Traffic and Listbuilding Training
    • Paid Traffic Training
    • Advanced Tracking & Analytics Workshop Part 1
    • Advanced Tracking & Analytics Workshop Part 2

    Altogether Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass Listbuilding Warrior Special Offer may be the BEST product I have seen on how to build a list within ANY niche and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is serious about building themselves a profitable long term internet marketing business.

    I love this Jason Parker and Ron Douglas Rapid Mass Listbuilding 2.0 Warrior Special Offer so much I am giving it my WSO Deal Of The Week!

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