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  • Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on October 11th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control Warrior Special Offer Review

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    Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control WSO Honest Review!

    If you have ever wanted an easy way to not only get traffic but to filter that traffic so that you can fully maximize its potential as well as get rid of people who are more likely to either not buy or ask for refund then you are going to LOVE Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control Warrior Special Offer as it reveals how to get a FLOOD of traffic (1,000 visitors for just $1 dollar) and then gives you WP Plugin that allows you to filter your traffic.

    If you have ever purchased traffic either through Solo Ads of pretty much any other method, you most likely have quickly found out that some countries traffic is more likely to not buy and when they do they will very often ask for a refund (No matter how good the product is) this can be for several reasons but it is very often because they lack disposable income.

    Not only that you can also use this to filter out traffic based on country and then send them to various offers or upsells that might better suit them as well.  So for instance lets say you purchase a Solo Ad and you use the WP Traffic Control plugin WSO to filter your traffic.

    You decide to send your American, UK, and Canadian traffic to a CPA incentivized CPA offer that only accepts traffic from these 3 countries and then you decide to send your traffic from India to a low priced offer that is targeted to those specifically from India, etc.

    Hopefully you are getting an better idea of just how powerful this Warrior Special Offer can be.  Just a little tip for you in case you are not doing

    WSO Of The Day WP Traffic Control Review

    this.  One of the best things I have done is TARGETED MY PRODUCTS TOWARD SPECIFIC COUNTRIES.  Lets take the India market, despite what you may think this is actually a VERY GOOD market to target and within various niches.  But lets use the internet marketing niche in this particular situation.

    Despite the fact that India is growing economically there is still significantly less disposable income in this country than say in the U.S. or the UK which means you can increase your chances of making money from this market if you can set your price point for slightly less than what you would normally charge and address what they are wanting to learn from their prospective, which in this case would be “How to make money online with a tight budget”

    Yes because of the fact that they are from India means that they are most likely going to not have as much money to spend as those in the U.S. so why not create your product targeting this market and their problem.  List how to get started making money online even with a low budget and then how to reinvest your profits back in your business so that you can continually grow it.

    Now aside from that you can also start tracking your traffic from various sources so that you can get a better idea of whether your marketing efforts are really worth using that particular traffic source.

    For instance lets say you have been doing Video Marketing, so you throw up some video’s on Youtube and by using their analytics you can see who is visiting your video and from what country but you have no idea who is clicking on your link.

    However with this Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control plugin you can do just that and either change your offer to better suit that particular traffic.  The potential for the plugin alone is pretty much endless and then when you throw in their POWERFUL TRAFFIC STRATEGIES you will notice a HUGE increase of income both in the short term and long term as well.

    Aside from getting training on how to get a MASSIVE AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC and the WP Traffic Control plugin you are also going to get some pretty AMAZING Unadvertised BONUSES as well.

    • Listbuilding Accelerator 2.0
    • Rapid Mass Listbuilding
    • Commission Explosion Report 1.0
    • Commission Explosion Report 2.0

    So trust me when I say that you get more than your moneys worth when you purchase Jason Parker and Charles Kirklands WP Traffic Control Warrior Special Offer!

    Because of the fact that this Warrior Special Offer OVER DELIVERS so much I have decided to give it my WSO Deal Of The Week award!

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