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  • Jani G and Travis Stephensons Celebrity Income Snatcher Review Warrior Forum

    Posted on July 10th, 2013 Tim No comments

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    Jani G and Travis Stephensons Celebrity Income Snatcher Review Warrior Forum

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    Jani G and Travis Stephensons Celebrity Income Snatcher Review Warrior Forum

    Jani G and Travis Stephensons Celebrity Income Snatcher Review Warrior Forum

    Now if you have been on my list or have read this blog, you most likely know that I am not a very big fan of Jani G as he has put out quite a few crappy products in the past, but lately his last couple products have actually been pretty good and this one is not to shabby either.

    It appears that Jani G has combined his talents with Travis Stephenson, who is a very good internet marketer and definitely knows his stuff.

    Basically the product will show you how to either become a “celebrity” or use an already known celebrity to start pulling in money online.  The product Celebrity Income Snatcher course is broken down into 4 Modules with most of the content consisting of video’s.  However it also comes with a…

    Celebrity Income Snatchers

    21 page Quick Start Guide This will guide you through the basics that you will need to do to have success with the product.
    Setup for Success zipped folder – This pretty much is a zipped folder that contains an Action Folder, Goal Folder, Help Folder, and the Quick Start Guide mentioned above.

    Goal and Commitment Worksheet – This is a document that will allow you to set goals and commitments that you can track to maximize your success.

    MODULE 1

    Basically Celebrity Income Snatcher’s Module 1 lays down the foundation and gives you a general overview of what you will be doing as well as how to get the best results from this course.  There is a lot of good advice within this module that you can apply to your overall internet marketing business and not just to this product alone, so definitely make sure to take some notes.

    MODULE 2

    Within this module you will learn how to become a “celebrity” including how to “build a following” and how to automate your income as well.

    MODULE 3

    This module goes into more detail on pulling in money by using their method which includes various ways for you to be able to earn the money.  One of the ways it covers for making money with their Celebrity Income Snatcher method is BUILDING A LIST and trust me this in my opinion is the very best thing you can do to pull in a consistent long term income… So pay attention to this specifically.

    MODULE 4

    This module reveals a how you can get REAL celebrities to start sending you traffic (Yes you really can do this) so that you can increase your following and income.

    Celebrity Income Snatchers 2

    There is also an EXTRAS Section

    I’m honestly not sure if this is an Upsell or what, but I did have access to it and it is basically the Zero Traffic Income course which consist of how to get a product, get traffic to your product, as well as how to start hiring employees for your growing internet business.

    It also includes at this time access to the Easy INSTA Income Members Area which is actually a pretty good product in and of itself, so if they leave this within the Celebrity Income Snatcher Members Area, you will definitely be getting a very good deal on this product.

    There is also a BONUSES Section which is a bit cluttered with access to some BONUS PRODUCTS like Pin Your Income which reveals how to make money using Pinterest and what appears to be access to other products that looks like they are an affiliate for.

    Overall the Jani G and Travis Stephenson’s Celebrity Income Snatcher is a pretty good product and will definitely show you a fairly unique way of pulling in money online.  I don’t think I would try and build an entire online business around this business model, but it will definitely show you a way to bring in an online income that you can use to get money coming into your online business.

    So if you are looking for a way to pull in a part time income (That is what you can earn realistically from this) then this is certainly a product you should consider but don’t buy this product thinking you are going to be able to earn thousands of dollars a month by implementing this method, that isn’t to say you can’t but it is highly unlikely you will.

    But with that said you should have no problem being able to earn your money back from this course and then some. 

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