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    Posted on August 24th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOLearn How A 12 Year Old Girl Pulled In $40,000 Dollars Online And How You Can Too!

    This is a review of Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten product if you would like to see the Official site CLICK HERE!

    Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten Review

    Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten Review Warrior Forum

    Jamie Lewis is the man and he is the REAL DEAL when it comes to making money online!  Seriously this guy knows what he is talking about so when he releases a product I pay attention and you would be wise to do it too!  Now that we have that out of the way lets get on to my review of Income Times Ten!

    Basically Jamie Lewis’s Income Engine is where you build a campaign but here is the cool thing instead of you just writing down your interest or things you are good at etc.  This Income Times Ten product basically ask you the questions of your interest, what you are good at, etc.

    You then click on the ones that apply to you and then the Income Engine helps you pick a PROVEN MONEY MAKING niche and also selects products that convert well within that niche.  Now it doesn’t just stop there it also list popular Niche blogs, forums, and video’s where there is an active community of people who have an interest in the niche you are promoting!

    You then select the way you want to promote it:  (Your Chosen Niche) Blogs, Forums, Video’s, or All The Above!  Just some personal advice I would get most active within whatever your chosen niche is forums!  Forums are one of the best ways to get FREE Targeted Traffic to your site or squeeze page.

    Now don’t just go to the forums or any of the ways he list to promote your product and start spaming or anything like that.  You are going to want to go to the forum and actually be helpful and that doesn’t mean going to the forum and leaving a few replies and hoping for traffic.  I mean literally get in there for a few days and be active.

    This is one of the reasons the first part of the Income Times Ten (Income Engine) is so important and effective because it helps you find topics and niches that you have a real interest in.  I don’t know how many times I tried to get started within a niche that I really wasn’t passionate about and needless to say I didn’t make much money in them because I just couldn’t get active within the forums.

    So that means don’t get in the Fitness and Health niche trying to promote a how to get six pack abs product when the last time you worked out was 9 years ago.  You may make money but it is going to seem like work to you and you are going to be less motivated to TAKE ACTION which is essential to making money online.

    Jamie Lewis is also doing weekly LIVE webinars which are AWESOME and if you get this product then you should definitely check out these webinars because these are very much worth attending!

    If you are just getting started as an internet marketer then this product is going to help you have success a lot sooner because of the fact that Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten will help you select a PROVEN niche that you are actually going to be good at promoting which is kind of half the battle.

    I know that it seems like finding something that you are interested in would not make that big of a difference but it does.  Trust me if your passionate about something IT SHOWS!  Not only that but TAKING ACTION is essential to being successful and it is hard to take action when you have no interest in a topic!

    Income Times Ten then not only helps you find a profitable niche of your interest but it then gives a product that is a proven money maker and places where you can promote it!  You can’t get much easier than that.  Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten is perfect for anyone who is a beginner or intermediate internet marketer because how simple it makes the whole process of setting up a profitable campaign.  I would even go so far as to say some advanced marketers will find it useful in selecting a niche that they may not be active in and finding a product to promote as well.

    Overall Jamie Lewis has yet again impressed me with another AWESOME product.  Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten is unique and well worth getting whether you are an internet marketing newbie or a more experienced internet marketer as it is going to make selecting a profitable niche that fits you way easier as well as several places to get started promoting your blog, squeeze page or offer!

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