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  • Internet Marketing Products – Dont Be A Professional Buyer

    Posted on March 31st, 2011 Tim No comments

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    I couldn’t even begin to guess how many  internet marketing products are available online these days, lets just say ‘a lot’.  If you really want to succeed at your online business do yourself a favor and don’t become a professional ‘buyer’ buying one great product after another and never actually doing anything. If you want to succeed online, find a course or product that will teach you the basics, provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your business and then just…build.

    You see so many people get analysis paralysis. They think that they have to know how to do everything before they can even start. No. That’s the totally wrong approach for two main reasons.

    For one thing, it’ll cost you a fortune if you keep buying one course on SEO and another on PPC, instead concentrate on the basics, enough to actually start making money online, than you can learn more as you go.

    Another reason why the perpetual online student will never succeed if they insist on knowing everything before they start, is they’ll never start. Things change quickly online, you’ll  never know it all and even if you could there will be something new tomorrow. Better to get the foundations in place: how to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website, and learn other things from that point on.

    No matter what you do online, whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re selling your own product the one universal thing that you will need is website traffic. And not just any traffic either, targeted traffic (targeted means that the people who come to your website are actually interested in the products or services you are selling and might actually buy something).

    Your very first task online should be to learn how to get all the targeted traffic you need to your website in the quickest and least expensive method possible. For that reason I would discourage anyone who is just starting out with using PPC. There is a steep learning curve and you will pay out a lot of money while you’re learning with little or no money coming back in. If you feel that you have to us PPC, wait until you’re actually making money and you can plow some of your profits back into your business.

    It’s far too easy, and costly, to be enticed by all the great promises you’ll hear online. And it’s true, there are a lot of people who make more in a month online than most people make in a year, and it’s true that you can do that too, but, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to build up to that point. It will take time but if you keep jumping from one product to another you won’t get any where fast.

    If you want a successful online business you have to be willing to spend some time and money to learn, and use, the skills you need. You will want to invest in a few carefully chosen  internet marketing products, just make sure that you are looking for an education and not just a way to avoid any work.




    Easy Paycheck Formula – This has got to be one of my absolute favorite products because Sara Young literally put together an AMAZING PRODUCT this is literally how all products should be created. You see people learn in different ways some learn better by reading and others by watching and learning and some do better with both ways.  Well Sara Young obviously noticed this because Easy Paycheck Formula has a PDF Ebook that explains her system as well as Video’s where she shows you her system Step by Step with transcripts of the video’s as well, she then even adds an Action Plan after each step so you know exactly what you need to do.


    Sara Young also includes a Quick Start Guide, a Trouble Shooting Guide, as well as a Product Updates Section for any changes that are made to her system now if that is not IMPRESSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE then I don’t know what is.  Also if for any reason you need help you can always contact her. Also HER SYSTEM WORKS!  So bottom line if you are struggling to make money online then Easy Paycheck Formula may be just what you need.


    Bring The Fresh – I honestly cannot say enough good about this product once again if you are struggling to make money online then Bring the Fresh may be exactly the product you need to start earning money. Kelly Felix and Mike Long who are two INTERNET MARKETING LEGENDS show you exactly how they make money online with both Video’s and a PDF Quick Start Guide that literally takes you by the hand and shows you Step by Step how to start making money online, choose a niche, product, etc. and then how to set up your hosting and site as well.


    Bring the Fresh also has an amazing Forum where you can ask Kelly Felix and Mike Long questions now you tell me what other MAJOR PRODUCT creator has a Forum like that.  Then if that isn’t enough THEY ACTUALLY GIVE YOU THEIR CELL PHONE NUMBERS! The only request that they have is that you have gone through all of the content and that you text them ahead of time before you make your call to them.  Trust me I could go on and on about how AMAZING Bring the Fresh is but I think you get the idea.


    24 Hour Internet Business – This is a product created by Ewen Chia and it is all pretty much video’s with some AWESOME Unannounced Bonuses.  It will show you Step by Step how to set up hosting and a blog, auto post content, etc. My only complaint with this product is that they guy who does the video’s is kind of boring to listen too.  But if you are just getting started in internet marketing and are tight on cash then 24 Hour Internet Business is the perfect product for you.  Because it is VERY AFFORDABLE!


    Google Sniper 2.0 – I really like this product as I have made quite a bit of money by creating Google Sniper sites. His techniques work very well.  Now if you have already purchased his original Google Sniper product then I really see no reason in you purchasing Google Sniper 2.0 as there really is not that much more added to justify buying it.  However if you are new to internet marketing you should seriously consider getting Google Sniper 2.0


    Profit Jackpot This would be more of what I would consider to be a LUXURY PURCHASE if you have gotten down the basics of internet marketing and are making some sales then I would recommend getting the Profit Jackpot software.

    Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate – If you have mastered selling Digital Products or even if you are struggling to to sell them then you may want to try your hand at selling Physical products and while this Deadbeat Super Affiliate is not quite as good as Sara Young’s Easy Paycheck Formula it is definitely worth it’s price and he does deliver a very good product that will show you how to sell Physical Products.


    Russell Brunson’s Underachiever Secrets – Product Creation is where the BIG MONEY is at and Underachiever Secrets shows you how to create your own product. What is nice is that you can essentially rinse and repeat this technique so that even if the product you create only earns you $10 to $20 a day you are still going to make quite a bit of money.  Look at it like this:

    You create Product A that earns you $10 to $15 a day on average this comes out to:  $300 to $450 Each Month

    Now you create a Product B that earns you on average $20 to $60 each day this comes out to:  $600 to $1800 Each Month

    You then create yet a Product C that earns you on average of $20 to $35 a day on average this comes out to: $600 to $1050 Each Month.

    This comes out to Earning $1500 to $3300 Each Month when they are combined all together.

    Now while initially when you created Product A that earned you only $10 to $15 a day didn’t seem like much hence the name Underachiever Secrets, when you start to rinse and repeat the PRODUCT CREATION FORMULA you get a VERY NICE PAYDAY.

    Now if you are still struggling to make money online then get one of those products and use that product and that product only until you actually start to MAKE MONEY instead of purchasing the NEWEST PRODUCT that comes out each and every week.

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