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    Posted on September 14th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    This is a review of Imran S Affiliate Resurrection if you would like to see the Official site CLICK HERE!

    Imran S Affiliate Resurrection Review

    I know that it can be frustrating for someone who is new to internet marketing and trying to make money online and they can barely make a sale let alone a living online.  Trust me I know this!  So if I were to tell you instead of trying to make $100 a day with Imran S Affiliate Resurrection instead try to make say just $5 a day with it, then you would probably think I was setting you up for failure.

    However I really do wish that I had set myself a goal like that when I first started my internet marketing journey.  Now before I go any furthere I highly recommend that you check out and buy Dennis Becker 5 Bucks A Day Revisited!  This is one of those products that is worth way more than what you pay for it and considering it only cost $5 you really won’t be out much money to begin with.  Let me explain this concept very briefly for you and how it applies to this product.

    The concept is that just try and build 1 website that earns you $5 a day which really isn’t that hard to do I mean it is $5 dollars think about it actually you could go as low as say $2 a day.  Now while that doesn’t seem like a lot of money once you get that site earning you $5 a day consistently you can then start on another site and get that to earning you $5 a day or more consistently.

    So now do the math while at first you are only earning $5 a day which comes out to $150 a month say the next month you create another site that earns you $5 and then another etc.  pretty soon you have within a couple of months say 10 websites that are earning you consistently $5 a day or more which is about $50 a day.  Now you are making $1,500 a month and well on your way to being able to earn a full time income from home.

    Now here is how this simple and lifechanging concept works with the Affiliate Ressurection product.  Basically the Affiliate Resurrection product gives you the ability to create turnkey profitable websites.  They show you how to create these websites and give you the tools to set these websites up very easily.  Most importantly they also show you how to monetize these websites so that you can start earning money online consistently!

    Now this is HUGE I mean they literally have a TON of content within the members area so much that I decided to give you some screensshots in case I missed out on telling you about something so you can at least see what it has.

    Okay so here is a shot of the Affiliate Resurrection Members Area:

    Now as you can see there are going to be several webinars that will be ongoing so that you are not left with just the instruction videos on how to set everything up and thats it.  They are going to be holding these webinars as I understand to continue to help anyone who purchases this product to be able to continue to grow as an internet marketer by continually learning.

    Now as with most internet marketing products there is going to be some training material that is pretty much for newbies so lets get that part out of the way.  Imran S. Affiliate Resurrection also includes a web based software that gives you the ability to set up a website very fast complete with themes in various niches including a squeeze page theme.  They also give you a TON of plugins that you can use as well to make your site both search engine friendly as well as site visitor friendly.

    Here is some screenshots of the WordPress themes and plugins section. 

    PLEASE NOTICE that there are several pages worth of plugins so you get way more than the plugins shown.  They also have a Trends section that features:

    • Evergreen Niches/Trends
    • Seasonal Niches/Trends

    There is also a Video Section:

    Here is a list of the video’s that are in this section as of September 15, 2011 –

    Video One: Introduction to Affiliate Resurrection

    Finding Keywords/Niches
    Video One: The Google Keyword Tool
    Video Two: Bonus Keyword Search
    Video Three: Reading Search Results

    Domains & Hosting
    Video One: Inside the Cpanel Part 1
    Video Two: Inside the Cpanel Part 2
    Video Three: Pointing the DNS to Your Server
    Creating Sites
    Video One: Creating your first site
    Video Two: Configuring your SEO plugin
    Adding Content
    Video One: Using PLR Content
    Video Two: Purchasing PLR Content
    Video Three: Editing PLR Content
    Video Four: How to Add Content in WordPress
    Driving Traffic
    Video One: Traffic & Adsources
    Video Two: Local Traffic Generation
    Video Three: YouTube Traffic

    There looks like there is going to be 3 Upgrade options I am not totally sure about what the prices are going to run but they are going to be Copy and Paste Profiteer, Instant Viral Pro, and Traffic Resurrection.

    This also has some very cool BONUSES they are:

    WordPress 101 – This is a VERY thorough overview on pretty much anything you will need to know about wordpress and then some.  Now if you are a more experienced internet marketer then you can probably skip this but you may want to watch the last video called neat tricks!

    Traffic Generation Explosion – Now this is over 50 videos on how to get traffic and to be quite honest I can’t tell you how good they are because there is no way I was going to be sitting through 50 videos but I am sure they are pretty good and that you will get some very good ideas on how to get traffic to your websites.

    Pro’s –

    • This product gives you a way to VERY EASILY create websites
    • Continual Webinar training
    • A lot of cool WordPress themes and plugins that you can load in your websites
    • Very thorough training especially for someone who is new to internet marketing

    Con’s –

    • There are several products out there that are similar to this
    • Some of the training is very basic so more experienced internet marketers may be bored with some of the material


    Imran S Affiliate Resurrection is overall in my opinion worth purchasing and if you TAKE ACTION then you should easily be able to create a website with very little work and then work on driving traffic to your site which the BONUSES will make even easier.  Someone who is a more experienced internet marketer will most likely not need a product like this but anyone who is an internet marketing newbie or even an intermediate internet marketer who is not earning a whole lot should definitely consider getting this product and the one that I mentioned earlier Dennis Beckers 5 Bucks A Day Revisited and take his approach of setting up a site that will earn you a small but consisten daily profit and then set up another one and continue to build your internet marketing business that way.

    If you do this you can easily be earning THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS within just a few months!  Seriously BUY 5 Bucks A Day Revisited if nothing else and then add the Affiliate Resurrection software to it to make setting up your websites even easier and then take daily action and you can easily start earning a lot of money online within months or you can keep doing what you have been doing and just keep buying PUSH BUTTON software after PUSH BUTTON software!

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