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    Posted on November 14th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    IM With Jamie Lewis Review Warrior Forum

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    IM With Jamie Lewis Review Warrior Forum

    An internet marketer that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years is Jamie LewisThe guy is the REAL DEAL when it comes to making money online.  So needless to say when I found out that he was putting out a NEW internet marketing product I had a feeling that it was going to be TOP NOTCH.

    Well… It didn’t let me down!  If you have been on my mailing list or read my blog for any length of time you probably know that I am a BIG FAN of Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s Bring The Fresh and I truly believe that it is has set the standard for how an internet marketing product should be put together.  Which is that the internet marketer should OVER DELIVER and leave those who purchased the product scratching their heads and wondering why the product is being sold for such a low price.

    For way too long, many of the so called “guru’s” within the internet marketing niche were essentially screwing internet marketing newbies and intermediate internet marketers over.  Essentially what they were doing was building a nice sized list not only within the internet marketing niche but within various other niches as well.

    They then would create a product within the niche and get others within that niche to promote their product.  Then they would create some piece of junk software (Usually one that submitted articles to Article Directory sites) and then show you screenshots and video of how they earned $123,456.72 in just 24 days!

    So what ended up happening was Clickbank changed the rules on them and said that you couldn’t use your Vendor account and use it to show the income you made like you were an affiliate.  So then the internet marketing “guru’s” then just started sending traffic to affiliate offers via their mailing list and started showing screenshots and video’s of how they were earning $43,698.43 in just 23 days using their secret software and for some crazy reason they were going to share this money making software with you for just $47.

    Well Clickbank couldn’t prove their crappy article submitting software wasn’t actually making these affiliate sales for them so it was pretty much allowed to stay.  But what ended up happening was Clickbank was getting HUGE AMOUNTS of refunds and they started cracking down on these jerks and stopped allowing these scammy crappy products to be sold through their platform.

    I mention this because IM With Jamie Lewis is being sold through Clickbank which should give you a bit of relief that you are not going to be scammed for 2 reasons.

    1. Clickbank has a 60 DAY REFUND POLICY, where you can get refund for pretty much ANY reason.
    2. Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie has made it through the whole Clickbank approval process which isn’t the easiest thing to do these days, especially within the internet marketing niche.

    Alright so right about now you are probably thinking that I have kissed Jamie Lewis rear enough and you want to see what I have too say about Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie product. So here is what you get with your purchase of this product.

    Upsells –

    After purchasing Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie you will get taken through the usual OTO process and while this can be annoying for some, you really shouldn’t get mad but rather grab a pen and paper and take some notes… “Why?” you ask, well like it or not this is part of the whole marketing process.

    Yes there is a TON of money to be made by offering One Time Offers or Upsells.  So even though you do not necessarily need these and all I purchased was the most basic product so that I could do this review.  So even though I have seen what he has to offer and they do appear to be worth the price he is asking, you do not need to buy these upsells to have success with this product.  

    However, with that said once again I urge you to sit back and take some notes because there is a lot of value in watching how he goes about offering his upsells and hopefully one of these days you will be offering some upsells to your products as well.

    LIVE Webinars and Pre Recorded Webinars –

    Alright after going through his Upsell process or if you rather just plain skip it, go check your email and it will have how to directly access the Members Area as well as your Username and Password.

    Basically you will have several video’s that you can go through initially as well as some Pre Recorded webinars that discuss INTERNET MARKETING BUSINESS MODELS!  This is stuff that the guys who are making money online are actually implementing to make that money and not some fake crappy software, I really can’t stress this part enough. So while it may not be push button I can assure you the results you are going to get from this is as long as you TAKE ACTION, are going to be LIFE CHANGING… Like you can QUIT YOUR JOB and live off of your internet marketing business for the rest of your life LIFE CHANGING!

    What sets IM With Jamie apart from a lot of the rehashed crap that is being sold every single day is that he is not just showing you how to make money online, he is showing you how to actually run a business and how to approach this like it is a business.

    So definitely LISTEN and TAKE NOTES because what you are going to learn is PRICELESS and for those who actually TAKE ACTION and FOLLOW THROUGH with this course, you will get some of these awesome opportunities:

    *Jamie as a Joint Venture partner
    *Jamie as a niche affiliate
    *Jamie as a buyer of your sites and domains
    *Free consultations forever
    *Attend VIP parties with Jamie in Vegas
    *Get access to the Clickbank top 100 Skype chats
    *Work with Jamie on projects (50-50 contracts)

    So PLEASE whatever you do,  if you purchase IM With Jamie Lewis make sure to FOCUS and PAY ATTENTION and more importantly TAKE ACTION!  Because not only are you going to get priceless training but you will also get a chance partner with Jamie Lewis.

    After going through some of the Pre Recorded Webinars you are going to need to make sure and sign up for an upcoming webinar done by Jamie Lewis where you can participate with him not only with chat but by phone as well.

    Additional Training Videos –

    So aside from watching some of his Pre Recorded Webinars and getting signed up for one of his Upcoming LIVE Webinars, you can then start to go through some of his additional training done once again through video’s here is a Screenshot of just a couple of these video’s:

    PRICELESS Download Resources –

    He has also provided a Download Resource Area that you is going to make your internet marekting success so much easier. Basically Jamie Lewis has a TON of downloadable resources that includes site templates, HTML. IMAGES, PSD’s, DOCX files and templates for almost anything and everything. A lot of the files on this page he uses on a daily basis to run his online businesses and I know I they have come in quite handy for me as well.

    Here is a Screenshot of just a couple of the files you are going to be able to download and trust me there is quite a bit more than that.

    Video Database BONUS –

    This should be considered BONUS training material. They are all live recorded sessions with my IM With Jamie students and contain TONS of information on how to become successful online in so many different ways inluding the vendor model, affiliate model, social model, forum and blog marketing as well as focusing on the basics of Internet Marketing to the most advanced!

    There are just way to many video’s for me to list, so once again here are some screenshots that will hopefully give you an idea of how many you are going to get.

    PRO’S Of Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie:

    • You are going to get a REAL internet marketing business model that will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to REALLY make money online.
    • You are going to get a access with a REAL internet marketing guru who has made a TON of money not only in the internet marketing niche but in the MUSIC NICHE (His main income source) and various other niches as well.  
    • Possibly be able to create a JV Partnership with Jamie Lewis and I actually know of another internet marketer who was a student of Jamie Lewis and has partnereed up with him, so I know for sure that he isn’t just saying this to get your hopes up.
    • Plenty of resources that you can use to make it very easy for you to succeed online.
    • LIVE Webinars where you get direct access to Jamie Lewis to ask him any questions you may have, so essentially this is pretty much like having your own multi million dollar friend giving you advice on how to make money online and consulting with you.

    CON’S Of Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie:

    There are actually very little Con’s to this product but here are some possible problems those that purchase this offer may have.

    • Information Overload, yes he provides so much training you very well could experience a bit of information overload.  But honestly if you want to succeed online and not just make some small chunks of money here and there then this is definitely a product you are going to need to go through.
    • Like any internet marketing product, there are going to be some moments where they go through some very basic information just so that those who are VERY VERY NEW to internet marketing can understand it completely.  So if you have been trying to make money online you may find some of the training provided to be very basic.  But with that said for the most part you are going to still learn a lot with his advanced training and even those like myself who are already earning a full time income online can still learn a lot from Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie as well.


    If you are an internet marketing newbie, intermediate internet marketer and yet you are not making a steady part time to full time income online then you absolutely need to buy Jamie Lewis IM With Jamie and actually TAKE ACTION because I honestly believe that you will be able to quit your job once you have gone through this product.

    Even if you are a more advanced internet marketer you should still consider getting IM With Jamie Lewis as it may still help you on how to approach your internet business and increase your internet marketing income.

    Bottom line this is worth EVERY dime Jamie Lewis is charging and he definitely OVER DELIVERS with IM With Jamie One last final note, he offers to get a site set up for you for FREE but I would encourage you to not take him up on this offer as I feel it is VERY IMPORTANT that you learn how to properly set up your own sites initially so that you can be some what self reliant and also so that when you get to a point where you can afford to outsource, you can give the right instructions to those you outsource too as well as how to make sure that they did a good job, but ultimately that is up to you.

    If you have not yet had a chance to see how cool and down to earth Jamie Lewis is then I encourage you to watch this video of Jamie Lewis showing a total stranger on the street how to make money online, it is pretty impressive and just goes to show that Jamie Lewis is not only the REAL DEAL when it comes to internet marketing but also a CLASS ACT!

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