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  • Icun’s FB Slider Warrior Special Offer Review

    Posted on October 8th, 2011 Tim No comments

    Top WSOHalbertology - Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing Just Changed!

    This is a review of Icun’s FB Slider Warrior Special Offer if you would like to see this WSO CLICK HERE!

    Martin Crumlish (Icun) FB Slider Warrior Special Offer Review

    Martin Crumlish FB Slider Warrior Special Offer Review

    Martin Crumlish is better known to most Warriors on the Warrior Forum as Icun either way he is well known for putting out some of the coolest Softwares and Plugins that make the jobs of all of us internet marketers way easier and much more profitable.

    Okay now onto my review of Martin Crumlish or Icun’s FB Slider Warrior Special Offer.  As his sales page over at the Warrior Forum says his software basically allows you to create Facebook Fanpages within minutes and these Fanpages look AWESOME!

    Now here is a list of the Features of the FB Slider version 1 WSO (as Icun says in his sales copy, he is going to be making additions to the software based off of the feedback that you give him which in and of itself is pretty cool because that means it is only going to get better!)


    – No coding required, just log in, and create!

    – Animated transitions between your page section

    – Built in “Fan-gate” system. Get likes for your page and go viral!

    – Built-in header and background images to let you create a page in minutes

    – Use the code free HTML editor or edit the code directly, it’s up to you

    – Download your finished template in an automatically created zip file

    – Easily sell your created Fan Pages for profit

    – Several templates to choose from…..and more being added all the time

    – Choose from the high impact Google Font Library

    – Set your own color and size for your title text

    – Offline business niche graphic pack included to get you started immediately

    – NEW: Facebook Technical Manual

    – NEW: Comprehensive Training Videos in the member site that goes with the App

    – 2 BONUSES: WSO of the Day from Dave Cisneros and a powerful Facebook lead generation guide from Lee Cole

    Alright so as you can see this things is AMAZING!  Now I really can’t express just how easy this is to use to create a FB Fanpage you will be amazed seriously.

    Below is Step 1 of 5 Steps:

    As you can see it is very easy and pretty much fill in the blanks and choose a color which you can be very detailed with.  That is why you can have a professional looking FB Fanpage up so fast and yet another reason why EVERY internet marketer should purchase Icun’s FB Slider WSO!

    Despite the fact that I think Google will probably decrease Facebooks popularity over the next 2 or 3 years with their NEW Social Networking site Google Plus it is still very important for every internet marketer to utilize the power of Facebook to help generate more leads and sales not to mention to develop a better relationship with their potential customers etc.

    Obviously Facebook decided to do a little FB Slap of their own and made it much harder for the average person to create a Facebook Fanpage as of October 1, 2011 and anytime there are changes like this it gives everyone a chance to capitalize off of those changes and the FB Slider WSO certainly is going to help you do that.

    Now aside from just building FB Fanpages for your Affiliate and CPA Offers, Martin Crumlish has also giving those who purchase this Warrior Special Offer the Developers License which means you can use this to create FB Fanpages for your Offline small business clients and if you don’t have any at the moment this is the perfect time to get started.

    Think about if you were a small business owner and you barely have a clue as to how to even get your Facebook Fanpage up etc.  Then once you do Facebook goes and changes all the rules and now you are as confused as ever.  Do you think if someone shot you over an email, postcard, or called you and said something along the lines of,


    I am an internet marketer and I am expanding my services into your region (town, city, state, etc.) and I am wanting to get some Testimonials from small business owners like yourself about the positive results that I can produce in helping better establish your businesses online presence.

    Well recently Facebook has changed the process of setting up a FB Fanpage which has made it much more difficult for small business owners to get theirs set up.  So I have decided to cut my normal fee for setting up a Facebook Fanpage down from $150 all the way down to $50 or $75 (you decide but don’t go too low because a VERY LOW price will make them underappreciate your service or offer) so if you would be interested in me setting you up with a professional and clean looking FB Fanpage I would be more than happy to do that for you at this reduced cost as long as you would be willing to write a testimonial that I can use on my website (If you say website you better have one up that looks professional with information about you and your services that you offer etc. heck you can even list your FB Fanpage service at you guessed it $150!)brochures, etc.”

    If I were you I would put together either a PDF Ebook if you are submitting by email with your website, email, etc. or even printed on paper some statistics about Facebook and how powerful and effective it is for connecting with your customers, increasing your overall sales, and gaining new customers, etc.

    You can even offer to let them pay you half up front and the other half upon completion or a Money Back Guarantee.  You may even want to put together an Ebook that you send to them later that gives some tips on how to get new Facebook Fans and how to use their Fanpage more effectively.

    Now I don’t know too many small business owners that would turn down a deal like that and the BEST part is you may have just gained yourself a NEW LONG TERM OFFLINE CLIENT!  Also think about if they are happy enough about your offer you will have the potential to gain the business of other small business owners all because you offered to build a FB Fanpage that took you literally just minutes to make!

    Now if you are unsure about what other services you can offer to Offline Small Business owners or how to write a contract etc. between you two then I highly recommend that you check out Rachel Rofe’s Offline Marketing Success it will give you just about everything that you need to get started.

    If you don’t mind spending a bit more money but getting yet another AWESOME software and training then you should definitely consider getting Tim Atkinson’s Local Cash Empire Software and Coaching Warrior Special Offer.  Because you will be able to find a TON of clients very easily and in various niches including all of their contact information etc.
    I hope that you can now see how and why the FB Slider Warrior Special Offer is a tool that every internet marketer should own.  Trust me the time you are going to save by using this WSO alone is worth the price not to mention the massive amount of money that you can make with it.

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