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  • How Victor Frankl Changed My Life

    Posted on April 15th, 2011 Tim No comments

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    Victor Frankl

    I was reading the other day about Victor Frankl who was arrested with his new bride, his parents, and his brother in 1942, Frankl then spent three years in concentration camps, including Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Dachau.  He lost every member of his family to those camps, except a sister who had immigrated to Australia.

    I came across two quotes by him that will probably change the way I will look at any challenges that life sometimes will bring.

    The first one is this:

    “In a way I do pity these younger people who did not know the camps or live during the war, who have nothing like that to compare [their own hardships] with… Even today, as I lose my sight or with any severe problem or adverse situation, I have only to think for a fraction of a second, and I draw a deep breath.  What I would have given then if I could have had no greater problem than I face today!” –    Victor Frankl

    So the next time life throws a little curveball at you just remember that quote and how minute your problem really is compared to what those that experienced the Holocaust had to endure.

    The other quote I read of his that particularly struck me was:

    “Everything can be taken away from man but one thing—-to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way,” as he noted that what drove him to survive the terrible deprivation, exhaustion, sickness, and brutality of the camps was the image he carried of his beloved wife and his hope for the future.  Frankl said that he saw many succumb who had the opportunity to survive because they lacked will, and they lacked will because they lacked hope.

    Alright so if you think life is tough or that you are never going to make it as an affiliate marketer,  just remember those two quotes and it shouldn’t be very hard to realize that if you have HOPE and the RIGHT ATTITUDE you can survive through the occasional curveballs that life sometimes throws at you.  So now you are left with a decision are you going to change the way you look at the circumstances of you life an not only survive but overcome your problems by achieving financial freedom or any other goal you want to reach!

    Here is more info on the Amazing Victor Frankl:


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