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  • How To Go From Rags To Riches The Shahid Khan Story

    Posted on September 16th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    How To Go From Rags To Riches!

    Shahid Khan From Rags To RICHES!

    As a kid I grew up relatively poor.  As a matter of fact for one of my birthdays money was so tight in my house that my mom had to buy my birthday presents from a garage sale and wrapped them up as gifts for me.  Of course I didn’t know the difference at the time and enjoyed them all the same.

    I wore hand me down clothes and when my jeans got a hole in them my mom would put a patch on them and yes there were times I outgrew my clothes and my jeans were what is called “High waters” so trust me I know what it is like to grow up with VERY LITTLE money, and I made up my mind long ago that I was not going to be poor myself.

    Something that I always enjoyed doing was reading biographies of people who started off poor like myself and were able to make themselves into millionaires and billionaires.  I would lay awake at night trying to think of ways for me to make my millions and that is pretty much all did for the longest time… THINK!

    It took me many years of just sitting around reading about self made millionaires and billionaires and doing a lot of thinking and then trying something and failing and then trying something again and then of course failing before I actually came across internet marketing and even then it took me about a year and half before I was able to pull in a full time income.

    But what got me through all of those years was just plain and simply knowing that IT WAS POSSIBLE to make a better life for myself and my family.  So when I came across this story of Shahid Khan I knew I would have to share with those who are on my list and those who read this blog.

    Basically Shahid Khan came to the United States from Pakistan with just $500 in his pocket (Which was saved for him by his dad) and through sheer hard work he was able to turn that $500 into BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

    The point is if he can you can too! Hopefully if you are still struggling to make money online, you will find just enough inspiration from this amazing story that you continue to take MASSIVE ACTION each and every day so that you can reach your goal of being financially independent as well.

    CLICK HERE to read more about Shahid Khan from Forbes Magazine.

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